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Have a look at the list of top 20 most expensive books and the greatest known costs paid for these books documents and manuscripts. The very first sale given in list is of 1983. Many of the books were initially printed amongst 1600 and 1850. The greatest standard book in the list is the book “The Birds of America” by John J. Audubon. Nevertheless, each of these books is the most expensive book and could possibly make many people wealthy and more frequently than we consider.

Codex Leicester | Price $30,802,500 million

Codex Hammer and is the most expensive book out there. These scientific writings are written by the Leonard da Vinci.

Codex Leicester is often referred to as Codex Hammer and is the most expensive book out there. These scientific writings are written by the Leonard da Vinci. The beginning part of this book term Codex is given the name following Thomas Coke and subsequently written Earl of Leicester, who bought this book in the year 1719. This book is the most known of Leonardo’s 30 scientific journals. This codex includes 72 pages. On 11 November 1994 this book was sold to Bill Gates Christie’s auction. The cost of this unique and original book is $30,802,500. The book is written in Italian utilizing mirror-writing and sustained by diagrams and drawings. This book gives knowledge for a learning mind of Renaissance artisan, creative thinker plus scientist and gives a fantastic representation of the connection between science and art as well as the versatility of scientific process.

The book was also known as Magna Carta Libertatum in Latin its meaning is “the Great Charter of the Liberties”. The writer of this book is John, The King of London, Stephen Langton and his barons. The excellent copy of this book Magna Carta 1297 was purchased by the David Rubenstein for an amount of $21,300,000 at the Sotheby’s New York making it the most expensive book. The most expensive and valuable books in the world.


This book is scripted in Latin and it’s an earlier 8th century pocket Gospel book. It’s the primary instance of bookbinding. It embellished using leather binding, and it’s one of earliest Western bookbinding and existing in the greatest essential state for a book of this era. The name of this book had taken by the Lindisfarne’s Saint Cuthbert, North-east England, the book was present in his tomb for a couple of years following his death in the year 1687. This smallest surviving manuscript of Anglo-Saxon was purchased in April 2012 by the British Library for an amount of $14, 300, 00 following a profitable fund-raising campaign. Find more about expensive stuff at (Sportspayouts).

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