Most Popular Movie Genres: Which One Is Your Favourite?

Most Popular Movie Genres: Which One Is Your Favourite?

Most Popular Movie Genres: Which One Is Your Favourite? image source: tiktok
Most Popular Movie Genres: Which One Is Your Favourite?

Movies came into existence in 1895, and since then, they have entertained a huge number of people. With time, movies evolved and were categorized into different genres known as horror, comedy, fantasy, documentary, drama, etc. Some movies make the audience, but not all. In this blog, we are sharing a list of the most beloved movie genres that you can try. 

7 Genres of Movies You Can Watch

  1. Horror

Horror movies are such movies that promote the feeling of fear in audiences.  These movies feature ghosts, gore, monsters, etc. Displaying the dark side of life, these movies show the forbidden and bizarre events. Body horror, comedy horror, slasher films, splatter films, supernatural horror, etc, are a few subgenres of horror movies. The Exorcist and Nightmare on Elm Street are two examples of horror movies that you can download from xmovies8

  1. Mystery

A mystery genre movie circles the solution of a problem or a sin. In such movies, the protagonist always carries a clear mindset to discover the culprit who committed the crime and how and why they did it. Also known as detective movies, these contain subgenres, such as classic/traditional, cozy, crime, police procedural/hard-boiled, noir, etc. Knives Out, Memento, Rear Window, Gone Girl, etc are some examples of Mestry movies.

  1. Drama

Drama genre movies are those that have stories with high stakes and conflict. These movies clearly display real-life situations with emotionally driven characters. An ideal drama movie can deliver goosebumps to its audience while tugging heartstrings and compelling them to give a standing ovation voluntarily. Angry Man, Boyhood, Hidden Figures, Leo, Room, Moonlight, etc are some examples of Drama movies. Historical drama, costume drama, romantic drama, etc, are some subgenres of drama. 

  1. Action 
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An action genre movie contains lots of exciting scenes, such as fights, jumping out of plans, etc. The extreme violence and exciting stunts shown in action movies give viewers goosebumps with excitement. War, action/adventure, martial arts, disaster, etc are some subgenres of action movies. Die Hard, Enter The Dragon, Terminator II, Police Story, etc are some examples of Action genre movies.

  1. Thriller

Thriller genre movies promote excitement and suspense in viewers. The twists and turns shown in the movies, make the audience stick with it. Filmmakers of thriller genre movies, fully utilise the plots and prepare a fantastic film. Legal thrillers, spy thrillers, action-adventure thrillers, medical thrillers, police thrillers, romantic thrillers, historical thrillers, high-tech thrillers, etc, are some examples of thriller movie genres. Khufiya, Tiger 3, Hypnotic, Nowhere, The Creator, etc, are examples of thriller movies.

  1. Comedy

Comedy movies are movies that intend to make laugh their viewers. These are pointed out by situations of amusement, irony, and happy endings. Romantic comedy, black comedy, action comedy, comedy thriller, etc are some subgenres of comedy movies. According to the American Film Institute (AFI), The Graduate and Mrs. Doubtfire are two funniest movies of all time. 

  1. Adventure

An adventure genre movie comprises leaving their house and travelling the world to fulfill a goal. The journey includes treasure hunting, quests, exploration, and searches of mysteries. Pirate movies, swashbuckler films, and survival movies are included in adventure movies. These movies contain action and excitement which attracts audiences. Hidden Strike, Captain Blood, The Lost City, Robin Hood, King Kong, etc, are examples of adventure movies. 

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How to watch movies?

Movie enthusiasts can check out movie sites like Netflix, Amazon, Disney+Hotstar, Hulu, or other sites and enjoy movies with affordable subscription plans. If you don’t want to spend money, you can check out some free movie sites like Khatrimaza, SSRmovies, etc.

Final words

There are multiple movie genres, such as documentary, war, adventure, comedy, thrillers, etc. Each category includes top-class movies that can give you goosebumps. You can check out some OTT platforms or free movie sites to enjoy movies for free. Drop a comment and let us know which movie genre you like to most.