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Multiple Types of Instrument Trays that are used in Operating Rooms

Medical trays are categorized by type, based on their utility. They have substantially increased efficiency in operating rooms as they are already designed with the correct device. These are all about convenience and adaptability. These assist medical personnel in choosing the style of tray that will be most helpful for a particular procedure before operation begins.

They protect clinical instruments in several ways. They hold instruments during the sterilization process in an autoclave. They are useful for transporting instruments from one location to another. They are also used for storing surgical items, keeping them sorted when not in use. These can be a standard stainless steel pan, but that is the most basic version of it. 

The standard version is a solid stainless steel one that is available in different sizes and with two basic cover configurations. However, there are many specialties designed to accommodate specific types of supplies. They include: Catheterization type that holds a set of supplies needed to collect sterile urine samples, ENT types that hold a set of supplies needed for completing sterile procedures or surgeries, Eye types that hold a set of supplies needed for eye operations, Perforated types that enable better instrument sterilizing, Mesh types that enable thorough sterilizing of supplies and equipment by allowing unimpeded air flow, Drying trays that enables medical staff to select the necessary instrument at a glance. 


Single use instrument trays are designed to be used once and then disposed of. They are often the best type of tray for procedures that take place outside of the surgical room. These are mobile and easily carried. They include the primary instruments which are guaranteed to be sanitary. These trays with stands are ideal for the majority of surgeries that take place. Perforated trays are available that have perforations, allowing for drainage of fluids. The perforations increase the exposure to steam. These trays are designed for effective storage, and are easily stacked. Healthcare facilities can determine the best trays for their staff, and can order trays designed for immediate use. 

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Mesh tray enables thorough sterilization of equipment by allowing unimpeded airflow. It is made up of steel. The finish is of hot dip galvanized finish. They are used in conjunction with bedside tables or over bed tables to hold patient meals. Wires trays are used as an alternative to regular one’s and provide the most effective sterilization. Excellent air removal from the wire mesh as against in the trays which have air trapped inside. Steam Penetration is extremely efficient due to the open mesh design. This can be used for all types of loads. 

This has double bar protection at the top and the bottom of the mesh which ensures durability and efficiency. The same trays can be used for rinsing and cleaning. Drying tray: It enables healthcare professionals to select the necessary instrument at a glance. They are used to carry equipment such as forceps, scissors, and spirit etc. Stainless steel and polymers are two of the most popular material options for sterilization trays. In terms of toughness, long shelf life, and resistance to contaminant absorption, these outperform plastic trays.


Medical instruments can easily create gouges in trays that become havens for stray fluids and bacteria that can cause infections to patients. Sterilization trays are significantly more resistant to gouges. Because of their higher temperature tolerances and smooth surface finish, these trays from premium hospital equipment suppliers are much easier to thoroughly sterilize. Sterilization temperatures that would melt plastic trays would cause no damage to a steel one. This can help kill bacteria and viruses that are resistant to chemical-based methods. The steam sterilization temperatures are significantly higher than the maximum use temperature for most polymers. 

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Also, the smooth surface of steel makes it incredibly difficult for fluids to adhere to the tray which makes removing such contaminants much easier. Plastics are susceptible to absorbing fluids; they’ll become contaminated over time. Also, their susceptibility to becoming scratched following an impact further limits their life. Medical trays are designed as single-use items to be used once and thrown away. Sterilization trays, on the other hand, have a much longer useful life because of their general resistance to fluid absorption. This expanded useful life leads to a lower total cost of ownership. Even though the initial cost of trays is lower than a stainless steel equivalent, the cost over time may be higher.


Every health care facility that has physicians performing procedures, requires essential tools at the ready. Medical trays allow facilities to order the selected, pre-sterilized one’s in bulk, while being assured that they are ready for immediate usage. Operational costs of the facility are decreased as less time is required for preparation and application. The savings in time, enhances the odds of a speedy operation, that could actually save a person’s life.

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