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Although Africa is known as the largest unreserved market that has fallen out of sight of the global financial system, it has some segments in the financial services industry. It is highly advanced in terms of the scale of adoption and attractiveness of entrants. For example, remittances via mobile have rapidly gained momentum within Africa, with Kenyans already using mobile money services for over eight years. As a market, Africa has all the prerequisites to serve as a strong foundation for growth and development. Among the key data points characterizing Africa’s financial system. Both banks and non-banks are allowed to provide mobile money services. Globally, half of Mobile Money’s approximately 300 million registered accounts are located within sub-Saharan Africa. Additionally, there are 2.26 million mobile money agents in developing countries around the world. Nigerian FinTech Startups aims to take your business to new heights at WeeTracker.

This figure is comparable to the number of alternative financial access points, including ATMs, commercial bank branches, post offices, and Western Union locations. Faced with an outstanding opportunity presented in Africa, an ecosystem of fintech startups that provide services across all sectors has evolved to transform the financial services industry in that continent for inclusive growth. You will be focusing on Nigerian fintech startups which are one of the most promising economies for entrepreneurs. Financial technology, also known as fintech, is an industry made up of various organizations that use advanced technology to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of financial services.

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Let us see it in this manner Nigerian FinTech Startups are simply technical tool that aims to support financial services and makes the delivery of such services easy manner. FinTech Organizations are businesses that provide financial services to the public while using software. These organizations, unlike the traditional banking system, do not get hindered by the factors like legacy operating systems. FinTech businesses turn out to be agile, and flexible and have the capacity to bring up innovative ideas and work with experts in the information and technology sphere. Banking within Nigeria has improved all over the years.

Competition amongst the individual banks makes out for more improvements since the banks begin to offer their customers the best service. However, if we get frank, we would see that there are still gaps yet to get filled. There is still a lot to get done to offer consumers maximum satisfaction with financial service delivery. A majority of banking service consumers within Nigeria turn out to be underserved. For instance, when you get to rural areas, there occurs a lack of access to services, even those living within the urban areas cannot access some financial services like loans just because of certain rules guiding the banking sector. Poor user experience aims to frustrate a lot of people in the country while using the bank’s financial services. These and more have created gaps that FinTech organizations in Nigeria now seek to fill up. Connect with WeeTracker for the Nigerian FinTech Startups.

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The top FinTech organizations within Nigeria take up benefit of the openings to develop better financial tools. And, also the services for the masses. So far, people have been able to bring up some innovative ideas that benefit the public like addressing issues of unflexible savings. And bringing up immediate loan strategies and investments while providing an online payment gateway and seamless payments among others. FinTech (Financial Technology) turns out to be the biggest tech/startup sector within Nigeria. The FinTech sector within Nigeria aims to receive more VC (Venture Capital) funding. Then, any other sector in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Nigerian FinTech Startups aims to drive reach change for consumers as well as businesses. They aim to unbundle financial services that are used to go through the banks while providing more efficient and streamlined services.

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Since its inception, the banking system in Nigeria has seen significant development. As banks compete for consumers, the quality of service they provide has improved. If you look, to be honest, we’ll find that there are still some holes in the foundation. It takes a lot of work to provide the best possible financial service to clients. Nigeria’s banking sector customers are underrepresented. For example, rural communities lack access to services. And, due to restrictions governing the banking industry, urban residents are also unable to access certain financial services such as loans. Many individuals in the country who use the bank’s financial services become dissatisfied simply because of the poor user experience. The Best Nigerian FinTech Startups and African digital media companies aim to seize the opportunity to provide better financial tools and services to the masses.

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