No-Cost Ways To Save Electricity

Using electricity wisely is one of the best approaches to start reducing your electricity expenditures. Depending on a variety of elements, such as the size of your property, you could save a lot every year if you implement these few no-cost ideas in your house. You can also get solar panels installed by one of the best solar installers Melbourne-wide. Let’s look at some of the ways you can reduce your power bills.

Turn off the lights that are NOT needed. 

You may save $15 over the course of a year by turning off two 100-watt incandescent bulbs for an additional two hours each day. Better still, use LED lighting.

Use natural light. 

Your window can give you more light than two bulbs combined. Make sure you complete most of your tasks in day time so you can save energy at night.

Consider task lighting. 

You don’t have to turn on all the lights and fans when you are doing one task at a time. Consider turning on a side lamp. It saves costs.

Don’t prolong your showers. 

Water bills cost a lot and the planet is already suffering. Play your part by using less water, reducing your bills, and contributing to a healthy planet.

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Turn off the tap when NOT in use. 

Do not keep the tap on while brushing your teeth, shaving, or washing hands. It saves energy and water as well.

Fix the leaks. 

Check your house taps regularly and see if there’s any leak in the faucets. Fix them and it will save you a lot of power costs.

Unplug the electronics NOT in use. 

Standby power contributes to 10% of the bills. Unplug all the appliances when not in use.

Switch to Laptop computer. 

Desktop computers consume more electricity while you only need to charge your laptop once. Make this switch and see your power costs dropping.

Turn OFF all the lights when NOT at home. 

There is no need for the AC to stay ON or other appliances and extra lights when you are not at home.

Manage your thermostat. 

You can save energy by reducing your thermostat by multiple degrees. Lowering it five degrees would at least help you save 10%.

Do not let your kitchen overheat. 

Try your best to settle on food that does not require cooking. Otherwise, ensure the kitchen does not heat up too much so you don’t have to spend the next hour cooling it down and paying its bills.

Hang dry your laundry. 

Use the clothesline to dry your laundry. It can save you 65% of the power costs. A spinner and a drier costs way too much.

Use a microwave instead of an oven. 

Microwave gets the job done in 15 minutes while an oven takes more than an hour. Use a microwave to cook or warm your food instead.

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Donate old appliances. 

Appliances still running on old technology costs way more than appliances today. Either recycle these appliances or donate them. Get yourself appliances made with new technology and see your power bills reduced.

By Sajjad Hussain

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