Noosa’s Little Cove Collective – The Best Place to Find Unique Gifts

Tired of shopping at the same old stores in Noosa? Why not check out one of the coolest spots on the coast – Little Cove Collective! Nestled right in the heart of Noosa, Little Cove has everything you need to make your next gift-giving occasion easy and fun. The brainchild of three local entrepreneurs, each with their own unique background and style, Little Cove offers a variety of products that are both stylish and functional, with plenty of stocking stuffer options and unique little treasures to be found around every corner.


The best thing about visiting Noosa Heads is that you can find the perfect souvenir at one of the many quaint stores or even hasting street shops. You may have seen a few of these shops as you walked through our beautiful village, but there are plenty more tucked away on side streets and corners that offer unique and special gifts for everyone on your list.

Hasty Street Shops: There are a number of these little gift shops around town where you will find everything from essentials like bath bombs and candles, to onesies and socks, all with a quirky twist.

What Makes Little Cove Collective So Special?

Do you love spending time in Noosa Heads? If so, then you’ve probably noticed all the little hasting street shops that line the boardwalk. One of my favourites is Little Cove Collective! It’s a great place to find unique gifts and souvenirs, with something for everyone in the family. In fact, they stock everything from clothing and footwear to art supplies, jewellery and cards.

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The Team Behind Little Cove Collective

With a big range of unique and unusual items on offer, you’re sure to find that perfect gift or souvenir for your friends and loved ones back home. So if you’re in the area, be sure not to miss out on this hidden gem of a shop.

The owners of Little Cove Collective are also involved in arts and crafts, so they sell handmade gifts alongside their wide range of well-known brands. They pride themselves on being hasting street shops that have been created with love and care.

What you’ll find at Little Cove Collective

Welcome to Noosa’s newest addition, a new boutique with a difference! Imagine walking in to an experience that leaves you feeling refreshed, like you’ve just come back from the beach. We are introducing the first of its kind gift shop in town and the only one with a private balcony overlooking the ocean. With a range of unique clothing and accessories, you’ll find something for everyone at Little Cove Collective.

You can also head up onto our balcony to take in some picturesque views over hasting street shops while enjoying your coffee or bite-to-eat from our cafe downstairs.


There are plenty of great places in Noosa for locals and tourists alike, but if you’re looking for a more intimate shopping experience, head down the hasting street shops. There are only four shops along this stretch of the main road, so it is easy to get from one shop to the next with just a short walk. It is such a relaxing place and has been a favourite haunt of mine since I was little. I hope it will be your favourite haunt too!

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