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Known as a corticosteroid, Omnacortil 20 MG is used to treat a number of health conditions such as skin problems, breathing disorders, arthritis, lupus, psoriasis, and allergic reaction, mainly those problems where inflammation is created. It works by blocking the naturally produced substance that leads to inflammation. It is a steroid. 

Before taking medicine what you should know

Before starting the medicine, you should know that you cannot take medicine if you are allergic to the ingredients of Omnacortil 20 MG. Besides this, you should avoid the drug if you are prone to fungal infection in different body parts. 

You must inform your doctor of your medical history, such as if you have allergies to different substances, health, etc. Let your physician know you are suffering cirrhosis, thyroid problem, diabetes, depression, kidney disease, hypertension, muscle disorders, heart problems etc. after understanding your history doctors can decide whether the medicine is safe for you. Then they will calculate the dose. 

Precaution of the medicine

Still, it is not established whether the steroid is safe for the unborn child or not. So the doctors usually do not prescribe the medicine unborn or newly born child. Medical practitioners generally avoid recommending Injections to pregnant ladies and mothers involved in breastfeeding. You have to careful about that

Doses of the Omnacortil

You should take this highly effective steroid drug according to the prescription, don’t go with self-treatment. The doctor first starts the lower dose and then increases the dose gradually. They prescribe high doses depending on the health condition and how your body responds to the medicine. Apart from the injection form, this medicine is also available in oral suspension and tablet form. 

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If you need to go with a liquid form of Omnacortil 20 MG, shake the bottle well, then take medicine after measuring the proper dose. Tablets form contains blister packs that should be taken with dry hands. If you want the best result, take medicine as a whole, don’t chew it, crush it or break it. You need to swallow a whole tablet at a time with a glass of water. In case you have to stop the drug, don’t discontinue suddenly. Inform the doctor; he will destroy the dose gradually. 

Missed dose:

You should avoid missed doses to get the best result from the medication. Though you have missed any amount, you should start taking it immediately after remembering. 


It is a highly effective medicine. If you use it properly, it can give you the best result. Overuse can cause many serious side effects.

Uses of Omnacortil 20 MG:

  • Gouty Arthritis:  Omnacortil 20 MG can be taken to prevent gouty arthritis, a type of joint inflammation that creates severe pain and redness.
  • Psoriasis: The medicine can also cure psoriasis, one type of skin disease that creates Itchy or sore patches and red skin.
  • Nephrotic Syndrome: It also helps to treat the nephrotic syndrome, including Swelling in the face, different skin rashes.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: Omnacortil 20 MG Injection efficiently works in managing rheumatoid arthritis and its symptoms, including stiffness in joints, pain, and Swelling.
  • Asthma: The Injection is also prescribed to prevent asthma and its symptoms, including wheezing, cough and breathing disorder. 

The Main Facts about Omnacortil 20 MG

  • The medication needs to be taken with food, according to the doctor’s prescription. After the complete examination of your body and taking the entire medical history, the specialist will prescribe the medicine. Now, it is used as a popular steroid. 
  • You should take Omnacortil 20 MG for several weeks to work.
  • You may experience some side effects after taking the Pregabalin, such as headaches, tiredness, dizziness etc. But side effects are not so severe that you must pay medical attention.  
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Who should not take Omnacortil 20 MG?

There is some precaution before using the medicine:

  • People with different problems, including heart problems, kidney problems, big or low blood pressure, and liver disease, should avoid this drug. 
  •  Adolescent under 18 need not be used. 
  •  If you are breastfeeding your baby, do not take it, as still it is not established that medicine is safe for baby.

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