Ridding the Yard of Biting Insects with the Help of Organic Mosquito Control

Ridding the Yard of Biting Insects with the Help of Organic Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are more than an annoyance. They can actually be harmful to humans, as these flying insects carry diseases. Malaria is one disease mosquitoes can transmit to humans, with West Nile Virus being another.

However, many people worry about using bug repellents on their body. They realize these products can be harmful to humans, as well. Fortunately, there are natural ways to keep mosquitoes at bay. The following are a few methods a person might want to try.

Choose a Pest Control Provider Carefully

When selecting a pest control provider to rid the yard of mosquitoes, choose carefully. Many pest control providers use products that are harmful to flying critters other than mosquitoes. When a person uses one of these providers, they may find there are no flying insects in their yard any longer.

These products may kill fireflies, butterflies, moths, and more. Look for a provider that offers organic mosquito control. These natural products kill ticks and mosquitoes on contact while ensuring the yard remains free of other biting insects for up to four weeks. With the help of this pest control provider, the family can spend time outdoors again without fear of contracting a disease and know they haven’t harmed innocent creatures to have a bug-free yard.

Remove Water Sources

Mosquitoes breed in water. If there is any standing water in the yard, remove it immediately. While all water cannot be removed, do as much as possible to eliminate leaves, palm fronds, and other places where water may collect. Don’t overlook other places where water may be found. This includes pet dishes, candle holders, and more.

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People often assume removing standing water from their yard won’t do any good if their neighbors don’t do the same. However, mosquitoes don’t fly very far. If they breed in the neighbor’s yard, they will probably stay in the neighbor’s yard.

Choose Plants that Repel Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes don’t like the smell of certain plants. Take advantage of this and spread these plants throughout the landscape. Citronella is the first plant that comes to mind when a person thinks of natural ways to repel biting insects. However, other options work.

Consider planting marigolds, as biting insects don’t like these flowers. Calendula is another flower you may wish to plant or use in hanging baskets. Certain herbs also work to repel biting insects. Mint and rosemary are two that come to mind.

Run a Fan

Flying insects don’t like to be around fans. Consumer Reports states a running fan can stop mosquitoes from landing on a person 65 percent of the time. Most people choose to use an oscillating fan because it covers a larger area. This will help to protect multiple people from bites at the same time. However, a box fan will do for one or two people, and ceiling fans are another great way to keep biting insects from attacking people.

These are four easy ways to rid the yard of mosquitoes. Many other techniques may be used to achieve this goal. A person should try several ways to find the ones that work best for them.