Paul Favret Talks About Certain Positive Aspects of Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Solar energy is obtained from the radiation of the sun and can be converted into heat or electricity. It is available freely, and thanks to technology, harnessing solar energy has become relatively simple.

Paul Favret points out that solar energy has the least negative impact on the environment in comparison to almost any other energy source. It does not pollute the water, nor does it produce any such greenhouse gases. Moreover, unlike nuclear power plants, solar power generation requires very little water. Solar energy generation also does not create any noise, and is well-suited for installation in urban residential spaces.

Paul Favret discusses a few advantages of solar energy

By generating their own energy through solar power homeowners will require much less energy from a utility supplier. This shall ultimately translate to savings on the electricity bills. Some of them might even make money by selling the unused electricity generated by them, back to the grid. The more energy is produced by the homeowner, the less will they need from an electricity supplier. This will improve their energy self reliance to a good extent.

Energy demands are usually higher between the 11:00-16:00 time frame. Hence, this is the time when the price of electricity also peaks. Solar energy also reaches its maximum production capacity during these hours. Electricity produced at that time has greater value than if it was generated late at night. With the added electricity input of solar energy, the prices in these time frames can be driven down to a level similar to that of night hours.

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As long as there is enough sunshine, solar energy can be deployed almost anywhere. This is particularly advantageous for people residing in remote areas, who do not have access to any other source of electricity. Independent solar energy systems can be deployed in these areas, and help improve the life of people there. Solar energy can also be useful for powering up boats. The growing popularity of solar energy has also increased the number of job opportunities available in the field.

Typically, 3-5% of energy gets lost during its transportation and distribution. The longer the distance between the supply points and production, the more amount of energy shall be lost. These losses may not seem too significant at first, but they can actually impact the performance of the installation in regions having high population density. Paul Favret mentions that having solar panels on the roof or even in the yard majorly cuts down this distance, and increases the efficiency of the solar panels.

Solar energy can also help in improving grid security. A grid would be less vulnerable to blackouts if it features several power plants that are spread out. A grid with high penetration of solar energy is likely to have thousands of energy production centers that are widely spread out. This would help in improving the security of the grid in case of overload, as well as natural or human-caused disasters.

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