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Things to do in Pawna Lake

Pawna lake


Pawna lake is a tranquil and stunning camping spot located in Maharashtra. It is located in Lonavala. It draws the attention and admiration of thousands of tourists every year. The view of the sky with your companion or family members is an amazing thing to do over the weekend, particularly in the event that you are camping on Pawna Lake. It is also possible to go on Yatch boating in Mumbai.


It is a Pawna lake camping area is protected by a layer of lush green verdure. There is a chance to play ludo volleyball, badminton, chess or carrom here. To show your pride, relax by your Pawna dam and allow your senses to be able to see the view of water pouring down the hill and gushing out. In the list of leisure activities such as rafting and hiking, rafting and hiking are among the most adventurous and fascinating here.

Paragliding at Pawna lake

Pawna lake gives adventurers the chance to go paragliding. Paragliding lets you enjoy a top-quality glide over Pawna dam. In addition, you get to see the sun set in the horizon from an totally unique perspective. Being in the sky and looking down on the region as if you’re high above and above the entire is thrilling!

The tents are set up at Pawna lake

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Pawna lake is also known as Pawna Dam Reservoir which is located 25 kilometers from Lonavala. It’s a hugely popular an area for picnics and campsite website online. It’s a quick trip on a weekend and is one of the most sought-after places to have a picnic close to Mumbai in the city of Pune.

Pawna lake is extremely well-known and attracts numerous groups and young crowds. Tents can be seen dotted along the edges of the lake. You are still able to enjoy food and drinks in the lake.

The adventure awaits you at Dudhiware waterfall

Dudhiware waterfall can be described as a monsoon-related waterfall that is seasonal located in Dudhiware village, close to Lonavala. It is a great place to enjoy recreation activities like water rappelling, ziplining and valley crossings, among others.

It’s a two-tier waterfall with a crest of 135 feet. The streams are top-quality active throughout monsoon, and monsoon is the best season for rappelling down waterfalls.

Tikona fortress trek

Tikona is also known by the name of Vitandgad which is an gorgeous hill fortress situated in Lonavala as well as Mawal. It is situated near Kamshet and is 37.7 kilometers from Lonavala. The 3500 feet high hill is a pyramidal shape , hence the name is ‘Tikona’ due to the triangular. The citadel is an excellent hiker’s paradise, renowned for its huge entrances as well as Mahadev’s temple Mahadev and the seven water tanks along with Satvahan caves. There could be a temple in the cave which is a stunning experience of the castle’s enchanting location beside the water reservoir. The entrance into the citadel steep and takes you up the staircase.

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The trek can be done up towards Lohagad Or Visapur

Lonavala is also home to gorgeous castles, mountains and fortresses. Lohagad Fort and Visapur forts are in Lonavala located only 15.7 kilometers of Pawna lake. Lohagad is among the most beautiful and elegant forts in Lonavala which is accessible anytime during the entire twelve months. It is connected to Visapur and both forts are accessible within the same day. Visapur citadel is much larger and superior. It is possible to walk up to the two forts quite easily and make an amazing, but simple exercise.

Kayaking at Pawna lake.

Kayaking at Pawna has earned the city a name in the travel community and is still an unusual activity in Pawna. It is possible to get a kayak rental and used to get around through the waters, and it is loved by tourists. It’s a must-have item that is on everyone’s bucket list kayaking at Pawna lake. The good thing about it is because it’s beautiful and secure in the same time.

Visit ShindeWadi Hills

The most famous things to do near Pawna lake is walking along the hills of Shinde Wadi located in Kamshet. The hills are situated at an elevation of more than 200 feet; you will be able to see the exciting and stunning sunrise from the top. It is possible to enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the hills while you wander around the stunning area.

Shinde Wadi hills are located two kilometers of Kamshet as well as surrounded by breathtaking beautiful Bedse caves as well as Pawna lake. The area is also renowned for those who want to take a shot in paragliding.

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If you’re looking to take a break or a weekend in a peaceful area in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy a relaxing time away from the stress-inducing routine urban life, then Pawna lake is the perfect location for your next weekend. There are many activities you can enjoy on the site, aside from camping.

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