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What is pfp?

PFP is a technical term commonly used on social media platforms or online. PFP means picture for proof; in other words, it is called Profile Picture. It is needed on every platform where you create your profile, like on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, discord, etc. It is used to show the identity of the user which is using the platform so the people can recognize the user. 

How To Make PFP?

To make a pfp for any social media platform, you first need to take a picture of yourself from any camera. Then open any online pfp maker website or application to create your pfp.

For example, we choose canva for now.

Open canva and search for the profile picture template. Then choose the social media platform for which you want to create pfp.

Select that template and upload your picture to that template.

Then make the editing work of your desire and download it. Your pfp is ready to use.

What Is NFT PFPs?

NFT PFPs are the NFTs that are becoming profile pictures. Many social media users are using NFT pfps as their profile picture on social media platforms. Many celebrities are also on this list. That’s why these are gaining so much popularity.

These users use NFT pfps for many reasons; some do this to show their relation with an NFT community. Some have done this to show their luxury collections.

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How Does NFT PFPs Are Made?

NFT PFPs are made from a simple method of plug-and-play. We upload many attributions, like body shape, head shape, background colors, etc., into an application. Then the software returns us a lot of NFT pfps from those traits. The best thing about this is that all PFPS are different from others; not two are the same.

What Is Anime pfp?

Anime PFP is a profile picture of an anime character. People who love anime mostly use a picture of their favorite anime character as pfp.

When people see anime, they find a character very loving, and they get attached to that character and use their picture as pfp. Another reason people use anime pfp as they resemble themselves with that character.

That character has all or a high percentage of things of that person in real that’s why people use their picture to show their personality. Lastly, some people use anime pfp to show their partner. People use specific anime characters to show interest in that type of partner. It’s just a simple and easy way of making relations with people.

When Was PFP First Used?

The word or term pfp was first used when Instagram launched in 2010. Users use this term for their profile pictures. With the passing years, this term has gained a lot of popularity and expanded to other social media platforms.

This term is mostly used for TIKTOK profile pictures, Facebook, and the NFT world. It is used on other social media platforms; also, the ratio is somehow less.

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