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Playful Ways To Make The Transition More Enjoyable

Preschool is a critical stage in your child’s development. It lays the groundwork for academic and social learning.

Starting preschool is a significant achievement for both your child and you. Learning to spend time apart can be challenging, but creating a formal learning journey is also exciting.

Here are some suggestions to help with the transition to preschool:

  1. Engage in pretend play to investigate the concept of a preschool

Make a simple classroom at home and have your child act to attend school. Hang up your child’s backpack, play games, read stories, make art, and sit down for group time. You can also prepare simple snacks for your child to eat during the break between “lessons.”

  1. Read books or watch preschool-related videos

Several books available in bookstores and libraries cover this topic. In addition, a quick online search will also turn up many video resources you can watch together. Watching such videos and reading stories to your child may help ease the transition’s anxiety.

If you can, you could start picking out clothes together the night before school and eating breakfast together in the morning.

  1. Pay a joint visit

Plan to visit your child’s new Private schools in Riyadh together before their first day if you can. Play and explore the classroom together. The school will be a familiar place for them when they arrive on the first day.

  1. Meet new kids and make new friends

Arrange playdates with children from your child’s class if possible. It will let them get to know one another before the start of school.

  1. Tell your little ones about your experience
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Tell your child about the first time you went to school, how you felt, and the special memories you made. Find your preschool photographs or the photographs of other trusted adults your child knows and discuss them together if possible.

  1. Establish a new routine

Begin practising your child’s new bedtime and wake-up time several weeks before school begins – choose a bedtime that will give you a good night’s sleep and a wake-up time that will allow neither of you to rush in the morning. It will provide you with both times to adjust.

  1. Hone their self-help abilities

Helping your child learn or master self-help skills will allow them to be more self-sufficient and alleviate some of your concerns. For example, try to get them to practice washing their hands, using the toilet, brushing their teeth, getting dressed, putting on shoes and socks, using utensils, making their bed, and other activities.

  1. Make getting ready skills a game

Practice buttoning and zipping clothing, putting on a backpack and hanging a coat or jacket on a hook. You could make putting on shoes a game by seeing how quickly you can do it!

  1. Listen to your child

Please inquire about your child’s feelings about going to school and reassure them that feeling excited, worried, or any other emotion is normal. Starting something new might be overwhelming and intimidating, but it can also be a lot of fun! Tell your child not to worry, assure her that you will be there to pick her up when the class finishes, and discuss the routines you will follow.

  1. Make a loving goodbye strategy
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Both you and your child might find it difficult to say goodbye! However, when that moment arrives, try to keep your goodbye brief and positive, assuring you will see each other again soon. In addition, you can create a particular routine to help comfort your child, such as singing a song together or performing a special handshake.
At Private schools in Riyadh, preschool is an entirely new experience for a young child, and whilst the first few days may be difficult, they will adjust to their new schedule. And soon, they will start enjoying the process.