Pointers For Selecting Quality Exterior Ladders For Roof Access

Accessing the roof of a building or structure is not always as simple as climbing a flight of stairs. A worker or repairman or even a firefighter may have to reach the roof safely by climbing the exterior wall. Such ladders can be frequently spotted suspended on the outside of a residential or commercial building to be utilized during an emergency. You may also find it interesting to know that the exterior ladders for roof access are regularly used to move up to the top of a water tank, descend into an elevator pit, and climb up a refinery, water tower, and/or chimney.

A few of the commercial setups also use cross-over ladders manufactured out of lightweight aluminum. Slips and falls are primary concerns for using such ladders. It is most important to therefore abide by the OSHA standards to ensure protection at all levels. Failing to comply with the regulations may help one to save a few dollars immediately but the outcome is likely to jeopardize one’s reputation and force the said company to pay a hefty penalty for violation of safety standards.

OSHA provides detailed documentation to the users of the roof access and cross-over ladders to help them remain compliant with safety practices. The best ladders that are safe do not have to be painted bright yellow anymore. Instead, the top companies prefer to use a yellow pigment over the entire length of the product so that there is no danger of the hue being faded or washed out. The material used to manufacture the ladders is evident by its name. Yes! It’s lightweight aluminum that happens to be rust-resistant and extremely durable. Leaving it suspended from a bracket on the wall of the structure throughout the day and most of the night does not damage its effectiveness at all.

Need for sourcing good exterior ladders for roof access

  • There is no possibility of being non-compliant with OSHA standards including violating load requirements, improper surfacing, and aggravating risks of injury
  • A fixed ladder is favored by residents and commercial workers because there is zero risk of slippage, tipping to one side, or collapsing. The permanent structure enables the user to get a firm grip when ascending the rungs

Heavy-duty ladders that are OSHA-compliant as well are in high demand by several industries. A quality company providing the best products have 20 feet ladders in the stick as well as ladders that are of considerably shorter height. The latter is usually bought to provide permanent access to the rooftop from the exterior of the building structure as and when needed. Admittedly, not all industrial buildings are identical and may differ in features as well as designs. The best way to obtain the right exterior ladders for roof access is to request a customized product that serves the purpose perfectly without violating OSHA regulations. It is advisable to approach a company known for designing and manufacturing lightweight exterior ladders for roof access that are durable rust resistant, and OSHA compliant when one needs to source a quality customized product urgently.

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