Properly Using Hanging Racks For Cannabis

Drying is a crucial stage of transforming cannabis into the final product. For safe storage and consumption, properly drying cannabis is critical. That’s because the safety and potency of the final product depend on drying cannabis successfully. Cannabis requires a lot of space and time to be properly dried. Temperature, humidity, and airflow are critical factors determining successful cannabis drying. There are two standard methods of drying cannabis: weed hanging rack and rack storage. However, the drying method a cultivator chooses depends on their budget and the size of their operation. 

What Is The Standard Time Required To Dry Cannabis?

On average, the process of drying cannabis can last for up to 15 days. However, the time required to dry cannabis may depend on the purpose of processing the plant and some cultivation and harvesting practices. The quality of the marijuana hanging rack used can also influence the time required to dry cannabis. 

Cannabis products that are processed to be smoked should contain about 10 percent to 12 percent water content. In contrast, cannabis plants that are grown to be used in a vaporizer should ideally contain 12 percent to 15 percent water content. But cannabis products should ideally be dried to 8% water content if it’s being grown primarily for their flavor. 

Hang Drying vs. Storage Racking

As stated above, hang drying and rack storage are the two main methods of drying cannabis. Each method of drying cannabis offers its unique advantages. For instance, the weed-hanging drying method is cost-effective. In contrast, storage rack drying requires higher initial investment and is labor-intensive. However, it optimizes storage space and dries cannabis faster than the hang drying method.

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Hang Drying

Using a weed hanging rack is a relatively simple drying process. Cultivators can hang fully intact plants upside down from elevated positions. With this, they can increase airflow and capitalize on vertical drying space. However, for air to evaporate the moisture, the plants must have enough space between them.

Hang drying is a process that can last for 7 to 10 days. But the drying should ideally be done in a dark area. When hang drying, the drying room should have a temperature close to 65°F and humidity of 55%. An advantage of hang drying cannabis is that the process requires less money for equipment and less labor. Also, many cultivators claim that hand drying helps the plant retain its aroma longer than storage rack drying would.

This makes hang drying ideal for small cannabis drying operations. Just as hang drying has its advantages, it also has disadvantages. Some of the negatives of hang drying include the smell of the drying room and the low upper limit of the plant that can be dried. 

Equipment For Hang Drying

The equipment every cultivator needs for hang drying is wire shelving. It helps cultivators to optimize vertical spaces when hang drying. With the wire shelving, they can connect plants to any part of the unit seamlessly. They can also increase airflow with the open wire shelving. The wire shelving comes with a chrome finish specially designed for storing produce and reducing the risk of microorganism growth. It can be customized for nearly any hang drying operation.

Storage Rack Drying

Storage rack drying is a cannabis drying method large cannabis producers typically use. It’s best suited for drying large amounts of cannabis as it reduces the risk of mold contamination, keeps large amounts of bud organized, and dries more cannabis at a faster rate. When drying cannabis with the storage rack drying method, the bud is first separated from the rest of the plant. This is to achieve better product quality, but it’s also more labor-intensive compared to the hanging method. After separating the bud from the rest of the plant, it’s placed on drying trays. The plant is then stored in drying racks for about 5 to 7 days.

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Equipment For Rack Drying

Just like hang drying, several types of equipment are required for cannabis hanging rack drying. The slide racks are arguably the most important equipment for rack drying. This equipment is used for large drying operations. It offers efficient and effective rack storage for large amounts of cannabis drying. Cultivators will also need roll-out shelves when rack drying cannabis. This gives them easy access to the bud.

Hang drying and rack drying can be used for any cannabis drying process. However, cultivators must ensure they choose the drying method they believe is best for their operation. A cultivator producing large amounts of cannabis products may be better off using the rack drying method, as this is best suitable for large cannabis productions. However, a cultivator on a strict budget and producing only a small amount of cannabis products will be more efficient with the hang drying method.

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