Property Maintenance Responsibilities of a Property Owner

Property Maintenance Services:

Landlords have a variety of asset maintenance responsibilities. However, plenty of landlords have rented properties as a second benefit. This means they’ve different responsibilities and maybe every other work too. Here at AVS Maintenance, we work with landlords, Property Maintenance Services companies and let sellers fulfil the house renovation duties of a landlord.

As a landlord, you’re obligated to preserve your rental property in a great country of repair. You must ensure that everyone’s heating, water and electric systems operate nicely and properly. However, new laws and policies are coming in all of the time.

This is why it’s a very good idea to work with a property maintenance company like the group right here at AVS Maintenance. We can ensure that you meet all a landlord’s property renovation responsibilities.

Below are some properties you are legally liable for as a landlord. These are also things that our group can control and complete for you.

  • Gas Safety Checks – those want to be done every year. The take looks need to be done by using a Gas Sage engineer. This is something we’re licensed to complete on your behalf.
  • Electrical Installation Check – Your electric installation looks at the need to take location at least once every five years. The electrician completing the tests wishes to be ‘Part P’ registered. Again, this is something our team can assist with.
  • General Maintenance – Your tenancy agreement needs to list what you and your tenant are responsible for. If the assets need updating, new flooring walls work, or similar, you could favor getting the professionals in instead of counting on the tenant. This is something our crew can assist with.
  • Emergency Call Outs – When you’re a landlord, you will get emergency calls from your tenants. They can also have locked themselves out; the boiler is leaking; the heating isn’t working, or similar. We may be your one-forestall keep for all of this. Just give us a name, and we will be able to set up with the tenant to come back.
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As a landlord, it is in your financial interest to care for your property. The team will assist you in doing that. Call us now to tell us about your rented property and get our Property Maintenance Services. We can know the exam dates and book these fuel and energy checks for you. Then pop our range to your telephone and contact us whilst there’s an emergency call out of your tenants.

Why chooses AVS Maintenance?

Fast and Flexible Service

99% of all their air conditioning repair service calls are made the same day. They know that whilst you need preservation or maintenance, you want it now, and therefore, they don’t make you wait. They’ll schedule the service at a time that’s handy for you and arrive on time whenever.

Transparent Pricing

Their packages are easy to understand but so effective in coping with all styles of home safety problems.

Preventative Maintenance Information

They care about the community’s social wellbeing; therefore, their advertising and marketing team ensures that the right facts are shared with individuals who view the website and follow them on social media. Their goal is to create a nicely-knowledgeable community derived from dangerous incidents from inexperienced owners.

Respect Their Customers

They have the high-quality, which means that everyone in their techs is background checked and nicely knowledgeable at the troubles they may be appointed for.

The Tools to Succeed

Their technicians arrive in absolutely-stocked vans honed to house the current generation. That method does not waste time heading to the hardware store or the repair keep to select things up.

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100% Customer Satisfaction

They need us to be glad about their plumbing work, and that’s why they provide 100% satisfaction. If you aren’t happy, they’ll keep operating until we’re. Our comments are now attended to give the most pleasing experience that Property Maintenance West London can provide.

Constant development & non-stop learning

Their strong belief in constant development and continuous getting to know has enhanced their services through incremental and step forward advancements. Over the years, AVS Maintenance has efficiently formed a group of skilled people who have adapted to cater for the needs that could stand up.

The four-step excellent assurance method, which includes Planning, Doing, Checking & Performing, has helped them know their team strength and has allowed them to perform brief and effective strategies to maintain our houses.

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