Protect PDF with password or watermark on Windows PC

ITop PDF has been developed to help you to protect your PDF file from being illegally shared and distributed on the Internet, as well as increase the security level of your PDF file with password protection or digital watermark. ITop PDF uses 256-bit encryption to protect your PDF files from being tampered with. It also supports adding password protection and adding digital watermark to your protected PDF files so that nobody can copy, alter or print out your protected file without authorization from you, which will do good to protect the copyright and reputation of your company.

Why should I protect my PDF?

The reason to protect your PDF is to maintain its integrity. By protecting it, you can make sure that others cannot edit, delete, modify, copy, or distribute the document. When you protect a PDF document with iTop PDF software you will be able to apply a password protection feature which allows anyone who wants to edit and alter the contents of the file to do so only by entering a valid username and password.

How to protect my PDF with a password?

If you have sensitive material in your PDF and need to protect it, there are several ways to do so. One option is by adding a password to the file, which can be done in the iTop PDF app. To do this, open your file in iTop PDF, select Protect in the top menu, and set a password to protect your file.

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How to add a watermark to my PDF?

iTop PDF provides a simple and convenient way to protect your documents from unauthorised access. Adding a watermark to your document is as easy as clicking the Watermark button in the software toolbar and then choosing the desired text, logo, or image. You can also adjust the opacity of the watermark. The higher the opacity, the less visible it will be. Once you’ve chosen a watermark, it will automatically be added to all pages of your PDF file (except for scanned pages). 

iTop PDF has many different settings that you can use to customise how you want your document protected. A few settings include adding security encryption and passwords that are required before viewing any content within the document.

How to remove protection from my PDF?

If you want to remove the protection from your iTop PDF, there are two ways to do so: you can either delete the file from your computer and re-create it without the security features, or if you need to keep the file for some reason, you can use a third party application like Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. The second way is much more effective because you will not lose any data. 

If you use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, simply open the file and click on Document Properties > Security tab > Unprotect Document in order to remove protection from your iTop PDF document. 

This software is recommended because it offers many other useful options such as rotating pages of your document, editing images inside of the document and so forth.

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iTop PDF is a free, open-source, lightweight and easy-to-use application that helps you to protect your documents with password and/or watermark. It’s very easy to use; all you have to do is select the document(s) you want to protect, input the desired password and set the type of protection (watermark). The encryption algorithm ensures that only those who know the right password can view the documents.


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