Fixing QuickBooks Error 6000 77 without any hassle

One of the most common faults in the QuickBooks program is the error code 6000 77. This error has the potential to impair your accounting data and result in the loss of critical company-related information. When your company file is placed in some incorrect folder, QuickBooks error 6000 77 is frequently encountered. This technical problem also arises if you don’t have sufficient access rights to any QuickBooks files. This article highlights all the viable methods to fix QuickBooks Error 6000 77. For assistance, you may connect to our team of experts at  1 800 761 1787.


How to fix QuickBooks Error 6000 77?

QuickBooks Error 6000 77 could be caused by numerous factors. These comprise:

  • Files opened in QuickBooks with a reference to the mapped drive.
  • Multi-user QuickBooks operation.
  • Rather than a network or a local drive, the company file is kept on an external storage device.
  • Incorrect folder permissions exist in the folder where the company file is stored.
  • To open the company file, a mapped drive is used.

Troubleshooting methods to fix QuickBooks Error 6000 77

Go through the different methods below to fix QuickBooks Error code 6000 77.

Method 1: Using QuickBooks Doctor File tool

The QuickBooks Doctor File Tool is a multifaceted tool that can solve a wide range of QuickBooks difficulties, including the Error Code 6000 77. Use this tool by doing the actions listed below:

QuickBooks error 6000 77
  • Click the “open the tools hub” option, then click “Company File Issues.”
  • Choose the ‘Run QBFD’ option at this time.
  • Choose “proceed” after selecting the necessary company file.
  • Enter the admin password and the QuickBooks username.
QuickBooks error 6000 77
  • Decide whether to click “Next.”
  • Await the procedure’ completion. You must restart QuickBooks after processing your company filing to see if the “QuickBooks Error Code 6000 77” problem has been fixed.
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Method 2: Renaming Transaction log and Network files

The steps listed below can be used to rename the “.TLG” and “.ND” files:

QuickBooks error 6000 77
  • Access the company file from a specific location by selecting Computer > Folder.
  • Use the default location to save the file.
  • Look for files with the same file name as the organization’s file with the specified extension.
  • ND and TLG
  • To rename files, right-click and select.TLG &.ND Company files. Put a “.old” after the file extension.
  • Click on the Enter key.

Method 3: Use UNC Path rather than the Mapped Drive

  • On the Desktop, right-click the QuickBooks software icon, hold down the “Ctrl” key, and select Run as Administrator.
QuickBooks error 6000 77
  • Select Restore or Open Company > Start a company file > from the File menu, and then click Next.
QuickBooks error 6000 77
  • Click Network in the left pane to get directly to the company file’s location.
  • Important: You might need to change the folder permissions if you can’t find the folder where the business file is saved.
  • Click Open after selecting the company file.

Method 4: Recreating the Damaged folder

  • Create a new folder on your system’s C drive
  • Open the folder containing the system old file
  • Locate the.qbw file and company file.qbw
  • Copy the.qbw file, open a new folder, and paste it there. Set the window to allow the distribution of company files.
  • Following the launch of QuickBooks and selection of the company files from a fresh folder.

Method 5: Configure Firewall and Security Software settings

QuickBooks error 6000 77
  • Configure QuickBooks desktop’s firewall and security settings
  • Automatically set the “Firewall port settings”
  • Right now, set up exceptions for every firewall port.
  • Install an antivirus program ,if not, set it up correctly.
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Method 6: Transferring the company file to Desktop

Using File Explorer, navigate to the folder containing the QuickBooks company files. Select the file with the.qbw extension. Right-click the file and pick “Copy” from the menu that appears. Right-click the Desktop and select “Paste.” Your file has now been copied and placed there.

  • Double-click the QuickBooks icon while holding down the Ctrl key to launch QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Hold down the “Ctrl” key until the “No company open” window appears.
  • On your desktop, where you transferred your company file, open the company files folder.


At this stage, our team of ProAdvisors hopes that the methods discussed up till now helped to fix QuickBooks Error code 6000 77. To get an in-depth insight into the issue and other QuickBooks errors, you can contact us at 1 800 761 1787.


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