Rai Farming Information in India with Complete Guidance 

Rai Farming Information in India with Complete Guidance

Rai is grown for oily crops. Tauria, mustard and Rai have a prominent place in oilseed crops. The edible oil from its crop is used as food and cake is used as fodder for animals. To get high quality and high yield, more profit can be obtained by adopting scientific methods for the cultivation of Rai. Rai oil is used in almost all homes, due to which its rate is also very high. Before cultivating Rai, it must be known how Rai is sown, or what is the best time to sow Rai. 

Requirements for Mustard Cultivation

Cultivation of mustard can be done in any fertile black, loamy or sandy loam soil. The temperature of 20 ° C is appropriate in its cultivation. Cultivate it in flat and proper drainage land. It is a temperate plant, due to which it should be sown in cool weather. In the cultivation of Rai, chemical fertilisers are also needed along with rotten dung manure. For good yield, irrigation should also be done at the right time. To complete its preparation process Mahindra 575 Price is the best tractor model as it comes with many advanced features at just economical price range. 

Sowing Time

It takes 5 KG of seeds for sowing mustard seeds in one hectare field. These seeds are planted in rows at a distance of 30 cm in the field, keeping a distance of 10 cm between each plant. Plant the seeds in the field at a depth of 4 to 5 cm so that their accumulation can be done properly. Before sowing of these seeds, seed treatment is done with Captan/ Thiram/ Carbendazim 2.0 gm per kg seed. For sowing of mustard seeds, it can be done from 15th to 25th October and for late crop from 15th November to 7th December.

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While preparing the Rai field, use 10 tonnes of decomposed compost per hectare of field. Apart from this, add 40 KG Sphere, 60 KG Nitrogen and 40 KG Potash in the field. This amount of fertiliser meets the need for nutrients. Give half of the nitrogen and the full amount of potash and sulphur at the time of last ploughing of the field. And give half the amount of nitrogen as a condition when the plants flower. Apart from this, use zinc, boron and sulphur according to the test of the land. Use 20-20 KG of Sphere, 30 KG of Nitrogen and Potash in unirrigated places.


Pruning is necessary after 15 days of planting mustard seeds in the field. One of the plants planted in a row at a distance of 10-10 cm should be uprooted and removed except one healthy plant. The increase in yield is good when there is a proper distance between the plants in the row.

Irrigation & Weed Control

Rai and mustard plants require the same irrigation. First irrigation is to be done at the time of flowering and second irrigation is to be done during pod formation. Apart from this, if moisture is visible in the field, give light irrigation. Apart from this, weeding has to be done 15-20 days after sowing the crop. Due to this, the roots of the crop plants get proper amount of air and light, and the growth of the crop is also good.

Pest & Disease Control

The attack of salt pest is seen in Rai crop, for the prevention of which spray monocrotophos 36 EC or 25 EC in the amount of one liter per hectare of the field. Apart from this, some white blister diseases, Alternaria blight and powdery mildew are the main diseases, to prevent from which spraying of Mancozeb 2 liters per 1000 liters of water has to be done 50 to 60 days before sowing in the field of one hectare.

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Improved varieties of Rai are ready for harvesting in 100 to 120 days. During this, when its pods start appearing yellowish-brown up to 75%, then harvest it. One hectare of Rai can yield 16 to 22 quintals, and 40 to 42 percent oil is obtained from grains. The market price of mustard oil is very good, and cake cakes also get good prices, due to which the farmers get good profit. Similarly, for handling equipment Eicher 333 is the best tractor model. 

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