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Remove Duplicates – Remove duplicates from iTunes with MP3 Manager

Problem with a large music collection

The age of digital music certainly has its perks. With iPods, iPhones, iPads, laptops, and just about any hard drive and headphones, you can now take your entire music collection with you wherever you go. ITunes is amazing software that makes this possible. ITunes allows us to purchase songs and add songs from other online sources, organize them, and then sync them to our devices. But it won’t be long before your music is more than iTunes can handle. Many song titles or album art are missing or incorrect, and anyone who has used iTunes knows how annoying it can be to go through your library to manually remove duplicate tracks.

A fix for a cluttered iTunes library

Fortunately, there are solutions. Automated MP3 encoding software offers a highly sophisticated and easy-to-use solution to your cluttered iTunes library. It can remove duplicate tracks even if none of the track’s metadata (name, artist, song name, etc.) is correct. The software works by digitally “listening” to the songs in your library and matching the songs to a database that contains all the correct spelling metadata your songs are missing. The MP3 encoding software then fills in the gaps, adds missing album art, and removes duplicate tracks, all while ensuring that a high-quality version is preserved.

Here’s an overview of the features.

  • Correct misspelled or marked track information
  • Organize the details of commonly seen songs such as years and genres
  • Add missing album images automatically
  • Automatically remove duplicate songs
  • Download MP3 tagging software
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Automatic mp3 encoders perform these tasks well and look good too. And these are just the main features. For example, some apps also find concert information and other artist content in your library and display it while the music is playing. Solutions are available for both Mac and PC, and many are free to try, so be sure to give them a try.

If your music library is full of “Track 01” and “Unknown Artist”, you can organize mp3 tags automatically in minutes!

Let’s talk about fixing MP3 tags for a moment.

I’m a music download student so you can imagine what’s in my music collection. I have a lot of music from different parts of the world. And since my music comes from many different sources, some less acceptable than others, my Youtube to MP3 Converter  are all kinds of messy. Well, here’s how to fix MP3 tags.

First, all music files have a “tag”. It stores all important information about the song file, such as song names, artist names, year of release and genre. Sometimes it includes album art and lyrics. Some call it an ID3 tag. I use the terms interchangeably to avoid confusion, they are the same.

Edit MP3 tags manually

First I started editing my music tags manually. It didn’t take long for us to realize that there had to be a better way. Right-clicking on each track and selecting Edit Track Info is not a very efficient way to organize my MP3 tags. If you have thousands of songs, this method won’t fly. So I researched software that could help me. For more Details

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Hamza Ehs