School Management App

School Management App

Teach. me helps teachers manage student attendance and assignments, and parents keep on top of their children’s schoolwork from a smartphone. This free app can be installed on any device and supports connectivity on iOS, Android and both desktop and laptops.For this age group, all frequent parents have accumulated useful information. This is one of the best apps for kids, which makes it easy and fun to

Jungle, the school management app designed for the systemic change school administrators need, is now available for teachers. And if you teach at a school that gets 12% teacher absenteeism, you’ll save time and money by using Jungle to schedule and administer teachers’ days.

Jungle is a teaching aid that targets performance on student learning outcomes with effective, daily targeted reporting, allowing administrators to focus on their larger goal

Just imagine a school management app that helps you organize your students, teachers, and sports teams. Sounds cool, right? It’s even more than that, though. You can run an intelligent class, schedule your students so everyone gets what they need to learn, and keep all of this all in the same place.

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