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Security Melbourne – Protecting People and Assets at the University of Melbourne


Security Melbourne aspires to provide world-class security services in Melbourne and across Australia. Our expertise extends to Personal Security, Home security system and Event Security.

Trained security officers patrol our campuses 24 hours a day on foot, bicycles and in vehicles to ensure the safety of people and property. Find out more, report an incident and access services by visiting the Safer Community Program website.

Security Screening Officers

Security screening is the name of the game at Australian airports. This includes passengers, their carry-on bags and checked baggage. The good news is that most people are screened at least once during their trip, which can help to reduce delays and the risk of a terrorist attack.

The most efficient method of screening passengers is using a combination of body scanners, walk-through metal detectors and frisk searches. This process is a bit of a science and can be difficult to predict in advance, so the most effective approach may vary from one airport to the next.

There is a plethora of other methods of passenger screening used by airlines and airport security companies around the country. For instance, some airports use a laser scan to detect weapons and explosives in luggage. Others employ a combination of x-rays, ultraviolet (UV) lights and sonic devices to identify suspicious items.

A well-trained, dedicated team of screening officers is the best defence against a potential terrorist attack. These officers are responsible for delivering the most efficient and cost-effective passenger screening possible to ensure safe, secure and comfortable travel. The most important part of the job is providing passengers with the information and tools to make an informed decision about their safety in a manner that minimises disruption and confusion. The best way to learn about the latest in passenger security is by contacting the airline or airport you’re planning on travelling with.

Safer Community Program

The Safer Community Program is an open and confidential place for University of Melbourne students to report concerning, threatening or inappropriate behaviour. The service is not intended to deal with all issues but if you have experienced or witnessed an incident, the program can provide support and advice.

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It is important to create safe environments and a ‘feel good’ atmosphere in public places. Increasingly, state and local governments recognise the value of ensuring that urban spaces are active and supportive of positive interactions. The design of these environments should reflect safety through natural surveillance, scale and design to deter crime (Bell 1998).

Stations can be a powerful place to improve community spirit and build connections. In Melbourne, there are several Community Arts projects that have utilised railway stations to create spaces that are welcoming and heart-touching. These include:

* Adopting Stations, Adelaide – Volunteers have ‘adopted’ railway stations and transformed them with attractive planter boxes and landscaping. This has led to a marked increase in patronage and an improved station environment, according to TransAdelaide.

In addition to improving the physical environment, adopting stations also encourages pro-social bystander action to address sexist and discriminatory behaviour. By involving the public, volunteers and staff, this project helps people to become more aware of their surroundings and the potential for behavioural change.

This is a great example of the many opportunities to apply first generation and second generation crime prevention through environmental design principles. By applying these approaches, councils can develop safe and vibrant communities with a higher level of confidence, resilience and social capital.

The City of Melbourne has developed a number of strategies that address these issues. The Beyond the Safe City Strategy 2014-17 is one of these strategies, and outlines our long term guiding principles and themes for action over the next three years.

We also provide a range of funding opportunities and programs to support community-led crime prevention initiatives. Our Empowering Communities grants are a key part of our approach and help fund local initiatives that are based on an analysis of crime and social data, to ensure investment is targeted where it is needed most.

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Security Officers

Security Officers play a critical role in maintaining the safety and security of people, buildings and properties across Melbourne. The job entails patrolling premises at all times of the day, responding to emergencies and protecting assets in a variety of ways.

The most important part of the job is to act as a visible deterrent against theft, burglary and violence. They’re often spotted in front of apartment blocks or residential complexes, helping to keep crime at bay and offering a much-needed layer of protection for residents.

Another important role is to guard a building’s entrances and communal areas such as restaurants or cafes. These guards are able to prevent unauthorised people from entering the building and provide a safe and welcoming environment for patrons.

As a result, this role is a must have for any business in Melbourne. The right security staff can make a big difference to your bottom line and will help you ensure that your customers are treated with respect and that your property is secure.

There are many different types of security guards, and you should take your time to choose the right one for you. For example, you might need a security guard with a background in crime prevention or an excellent understanding of alarm and access management systems.

You might also want to consider a guard with specialized training in security for sensitive equipment, technology or information. These specialized guards will be required to undergo a thorough vetting process before they can work for you.

The most important thing to remember about the job is that it’s a very rewarding and satisfying career that offers great benefits and perks. For example, you’ll get paid well and enjoy a fantastic work-life balance through a highly flexible and professional working environment. The best security officers are those who can communicate effectively, respond to emergencies and protect the property and people of their clients.

SafeZone app

Keeping staff and students safe on campus is a priority at the University of Melbourne, and the SafeZone app helps connect staff and students with the right assistance. It can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store and used whenever you are at a University of Melbourne location, including regional and metropolitan campuses, affiliated hospitals, and residential colleges.

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The app allows you to call for emergency help, first aid or security assistance with just a touch of the button. It sends your location to our response team, who will be able to get the right support for you immediately.

It also has a manual check-in function that lets you check in and share your location with the response team or your university campus. This is especially useful for lone workers, students and staff who are working late at night or have Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) in place.

You can also use the SafeZone app to set a check-in timer which will trigger an alarm if you don’t clear it within the timeframe you have chosen. This feature is ideal for lone workers and those who work outside normal hours, or in high-risk areas such as chemical labs and construction zones.

When you raise an alert, it is sent to a range of different responders such as police, fire, ambulance and first aid providers. This can be a life-saving service for your team members, and is particularly important when dealing with active shootings or other situations that require a rapid response.

This app also enables you to send push alerts to team members using the free mobile application. You can send these notifications to an unlimited number of contacts in a user-managed list and they can then receive the alert directly on their mobile device.

In addition to alerts, the app has a manual check-in function that can be used when lone workers or students who are in high-risk areas such as labs or working late at night want to check in and share their location with the response team. This can be useful for lone workers in a lab who may feel vulnerable, or those who have PEEPs and need help getting out of their building.

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