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Sephora Makeup is Able to Improve The Mobile Shopping Experience

Sephora Makeup mobile app

The cosmetics shop Sephora Makeup has a long history of setting the standard for building strong client communities both online and off, often synchronizing its strategy on one channel to produce results in another. The current marketing plan for Sephora Makeup is centered on fusing the in-store and online shopping experiences and encouraging brand involvement on social, mobile and digital channels.

Sephora Makeup Integrates the Retail and Mobile Experience Using Shopper Data. When consumers purchase at Sephora’s brick-and-mortar stores they often utilize their own cellphones the business has learned via market research. It was discovered that these customers often looked for suggestions from other sources, product evaluations or lower pricing on the items they were contemplating buying in-store. With the use of this information Sephora Makeup created the Sephora mobile app, which aims to provide customers a mobile experience that is tailored to their requirements.

The purpose of the app is to simulate the expertise of a personal shopper or a Sephora sales associate by giving customers convenient access to product suggestions, reviews and price information in a straightforward style. Additionally the app now has a virtual makeup-trial tool called Virtual Artist that makes use of face recognition AI to let users virtually put on cosmetics. The app may then direct users to either buy the things online or direct them to a shop where they can buy them. In other words Sephora Makeup mobile app aims to provide consumers with the resources they need to make them feel confident in making a purchase whether in-store or online without necessarily requiring them to talk to a sales professional or do further research as they previously did.

Offers Discounts and Promo Codes

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Demands Using its Mobile App

Sephora is able to improve the mobile shopping experience for clients both in-store and online by observing the patterns of in-store shoppers and catering to their demands using its mobile app. Since October of last year when Sephora’s digital and physical retail teams merged this capacity has been significantly enhanced. The decision to merge the teams was a sign of the times, according to the company’s SVP of Digital Sephora Makeup had to realign itself to accommodate today’s multi-channel shopper.

Online Browsing and Purchases to in-Store Contacts

According to Laughton our old structure didn’t represent that philosophy. We should be okay with wherever the client wants to buy. Therefore we combined in-store and online sales with customer service under one roof. We now consider sales figures, interactions and experiences across channels differently. Sephora was able to construct customer profiles by integrating the teams in order to incorporate 360-degree data that follows the whole customer journey from online browsing and purchases to in-store contacts with sales people and over-the-counter sales.

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Buyer Searched Online before making a purchase

We can detect whether a buyer searched online before making a purchase in-store. It’s simply that we hadn’t seen it previously, but it benefits both channels. We had strong connections throughout our channels but we weren’t working together or creating synergies so we were just maximizing our profits on our own. We can move more quickly across in-store, online and mobile initiatives because we are better aligned. The element that binds everything together is mobile.

Sephora Prioritizes the Customer Experience

Additionally Sephora Makeup may learn more about audience preferences from the data users supply when using the mobile app, which helps the business influence customers’ future purchase choices. For each individual consumer, whether they are using the website a mobile device or going into a physical store.

Sephora may collect this Data

Analyzing the steps that a customer takes after being shown a product page is one method that Sephora may collect this data. The decisions a consumer makes enable Sephora to understand their intents and provide a more tailored user experience that takes into consideration whether they are exploring and comparing goods, making a purchasing plan for the future or ready to make a buy right now.

Sephora Started Using the Google Analytics

For instance a customer who adds an item to their cart may want to buy it online, regardless, these two customers will probably have a distinct shopping experience since they are taking separate routes to buy from Sephora Makeup. For instance Sephora started using the Google Analytics 360 Suite of last year to better understand the purchase path when consumers watch a Sephora Makeup ad online or on a mobile device but make a purchase in-store.

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Combine Data from both Online and In-Store Transactions

To combine data from both online and in-store transactions, the company collaborated with Google. Former Sephora Makeup SEA Head of Data Adrien said. We decided to start submitting our offline transactions to our Analytics 360 account to correlate these purchases to existing trips. This revealed which internet research avenues ultimately resulted in a sale, whether that transaction was made online or off.

Provide an Excellent Experience

 Sephora Makeup wants to provide an excellent experience. In order to do this, Sephora leverages information obtained from consumer purchasing patterns to create educational marketing material that is both beneficial to a large portion of their audience and tailored to the requirements of a specific shopper. As a consequence, Sephora Makeup can now precisely track clients’ physical and online activities prior to a transaction.

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