Shamshera - Release Date, Wiki, Director, Review, Plot & More

Shamshera – Release Date, Wiki, Director, Review, Plot & More

Shamshera Poster
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Shamshera is a 2022 Indian Hindi action historical drama produced by Aditya Chopra under Yash Raj Films and directed by Karan Malhotra. It received generally negative reviews from critics and eventually became a major box office bomb. 

Shamshera Wiki 

Shamshera is a 2022 Indian Hindi action historical drama produced by Aditya Chopra under Yash Raj Films and directed by Karan Malhotra. It received generally negative reviews from critics and eventually became a major box office bomb. In this film, Ranbir Kapoor plays dual roles for the first time alongside Sanjay Dutt, Vani Kapoor, Ronit Roy, and Saurabh Shukla. Set in the 19th century, it depicts the struggle of the Dacoit tribe for independence from British rule. 

Shamshera was theatrically released on July 22, 2022, in the IMAX theaters. 

Shamshera Poster
Shamshera Poster

Shamshera Film Director 

Shamshera film is produced and directed by Karan Malhotra who is an Indian film director and screenwriter. He is best known for his debut film Agneepath (2012), which turned out to be one of the top-grossing Bollywood films of the year. Before making his directorial debut with Dharma Productions, he worked in the Hindi film industry as an assistant director for ten years. 

Malhotra co-wrote his Agneepath, a remake of his classic 1990 cult film of the same name, after he was an assistant director on films such as Jodhaa Akbar, My Name Is Khan and Jaan-E-Mann. Karan Malhotra also directed the film Brothers in 2015 starring Akshay Kumar, Sidharth Malhotra, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Jackie Shroff6, an official remake of the 2011 American film Warrior. 

Shamshera Film Director - Karan Malhotra
Shamshera Film Director – Karan Malhotra

Shamshera Review 

Shamshera (Ranbir Kapoor) is a tribal leader who, along with his tribe, has been exterminated from his land and forced to plunder the wealth of wealthy people who consider themselves upper caste. Shudh Singh (Sanjay Dutt), an Indian officer in the British army, betrays Shamshera’s trust and uses him to enslave the tribe. Shamshera loses his life trying to free his tribe from the hands of the British and the High Castes, but 25 years later his son Bali (again Ranbir) devotes his life to this rebellion. The story centers around how he avenged his father’s death and liberated his tribe. 

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From the first frame, background music and slick, his VFX-driven graphics draw you into this fictional world created around India in the late 19th century. 

After briefly explaining the tribe’s roots and causes in comic style, the film delves into the story of Shamshera. This is the point at which the film slows down. And consistently, it remains a slow-moving action drama involving caste-driven battles, romantic angle revenge plots, and clashes with British Raj. Without revealing too many details about the movie, it’s safe to say that you’ll get bored by the end. The movie feels too stretched out for a very thin plot.

Nevertheless, Ranbir Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt remain the lifeblood of this drama. Despite the weak plot, script, and dialogue, the actors give a sincere performance. As always, it’s a pleasure to see Ranbir return to our screens for the first time in years. 
Sanjay Dutt plays a menacing character well. In fact, whenever the actors appear on screen together, their exchange is very strong. 

Shamshera Plot 

1896: Bali, a Khameran tribesman aspiring to become a policeman, demands an exam for a sleazy Indian policeman named Shudh Singh. Shudh Singh asks him to hit the child to prove his worth but Bali refuses and takes the child’s place and bears the punishment. That night, Bali finds out about his father Shamshera’s past. 

1871: Shamshera is a Khameran tribesman oppressed by Kazan, along with his tribe, because of caste and status discrimination. Because of this, Shamshera counterattacked and sacked the kingdom, leading to Kazah and creating a terrible reputation for the Khamerans. 
The empire’s king and the rich seek the help of the British to expel the Kamen from the village forest. Britain accepts the deal in exchange for her 5000 gold coins. 

The British attack the Khamerans, but Shamshera and his tribesmen fight valiantly and the British flee. Shamshera receives a message that her tribe can live in peace and regain her lost respect if she promises to stop the looting of Kaza and move to a fortress outside the city. Shamshera and his men reach the forest and discover it to be a trap led by Shudh Singh, is captured and tortured mercilessly. 
Shamshera was ordered by the British to provide 10,000 gold coins to save the Khamerans. He finds trading inside Stronghold difficult.

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Shamshera devised a plan to help the tribe escape the fortress, but he told his wife about the plan to portray himself as a traitor and told her to make up a story to help save the tribe from death. He wasn’t helpful when I told him. Shamshera attempts to escape by scaling the walls of the fort where the officers in his charge find and shoot Shamshera, wounding Shamshera and later hanged by Shudh Singh. Believing Shamshera to be a traitor, the tribe develops hatred against him and buries the truth. 

1896: After learning the truth, Bali fakes his death and escapes the fortress with the help of Piru Baba, Shamshera’s trusted ally. When Shamshera decided to move to the fort, some Khamerans decided to stay where they now live in a town called Nagina and changed their identities to earn a living doing all the simple jobs in the town. Disguised, he came to Shamshera. Help them regain their lost respect and dignity. With the advice of Piru Baba and the help of a local dancer named Sona, Bali begins looting the wealthy people of Kaza, calling himself Shamshera. 

Shamshera Movie First Look
Shamshera Movie First Look

Shamshera Cast 

  • Ranbir Kapoor in a dual role as Shamshera, a Khameran tribesman Balli, Shamshera’s son 
  • Sanjay Dutt as Daroga Shudh Singh 
  • Vaani Kapoor as Sona, Balli’s wife 
  • Saurabh Shukla as Doodh Singh 
  • Ronit Roy as Pir Baba 
  • Iravati Harshe as Shamshera’s wife, Balli’s mother 
  • Craig McGinley as Colonel Freddy Young 
  • Saurabh Kumar as Chooha 
  • Chitrak Bandopadhyay as Rasho 
  • Mahesh Balraj as Upreti 
  • Rudra Soni as Pitamber 
  • Prakhar Saxena as Bhura 
  • Nagesh Salvan as Dada 
  • Vijay Kaushik as Gulfi 
  • Gauransh Sharma as Keshu 
Shamshera Movie Cast
Shamshera Movie Cast

Shamshera was officially launched by Yash Raj Films in May 2018 through a motion poster featuring Ranbir Kapoor as the title character Shamshera. Sanjay Dutt was cast in the central role and Vaani Kapoor was cast to play the female lead. In preparation for her role, Vaani Kapoor underwent her Kathak professional training. Kapoor depicts a dancer. The shooting started in December 2018. 
A huge fort was built in Goregaon’s Film City for the film, requiring two months of preparation and nearly 300 workers. Filming ended in September 2020. 

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Ranveer Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt in Shamshera
Ranbir Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt in Shamshera

Shamshera Release Date 

Shamshera released in theaters on July 22, 2022. Originally scheduled for a theatrical release on December 20, 2019, Shamshera was later delayed significantly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was later postponed to June 25, 2021, but due to the second wave of the pandemic, the release was postponed to March 18, 2022. This was again postponed due to the prevalence of his Omicron variant at the time. Released on July 22, 2022. The film was released in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu and also screened in IMAX theaters. 

Home Media Digital streaming rights to movies are sold to Amazon Prime Video. The film started digital streaming on Amazon Prime Video on 19th August 2022, dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. 

FAQs about Shamshera 

Q1. Who is the lead actor in Shamshera? 

Ans. Ranbir Kapoor is the lead actor in Shamshera. 

Q2. Who directed the film Shamshera? 

Ans. Shamshera is directed by Karan Malhotra. 

Q3. When the Shamshera film was released in Theatres? 

Ans. It was released in theatres on July 22, 2022. 

Q4. When the film was released on the OTT platform? 

Ans. It was released on the OTT platform on August 19, 2022 

Q5. What is the overall rating of Shamshera? 

Ans. The rating of Shamshera is 4.8/10 on IMDB  


Shamshera received mixed to negative reviews from critics. Anna MM Vetticad of Firstpost gave the film her 3.5-star rating out of 5 and wrote: character.” Tina Das of The Print gave the film a rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 and said, “While RRR relies heavily on VFX, Ranbir Kapoor’s Shamshera touches the heart, with new box angles and It feels more real with Vaani Kapoor’s performance.”

Avinash Lohana of Pinkvilla gave the film a rating of 3 stars out of 5 and said, “Karan Malhotra’s Shamshera starring Ranbir Kapoor, Vani Kapoor, and Sanjay Dutt follows the ongoing trend of viable films. Mugdha Kapoor of DNA India gave the film a 3 out of 5 rating. gave, and wrote: A Filmfare critic gave the film a rating of 3 stars out of 5 and wrote: 
“The Hindi film industry needs a renaissance and I hope this film is a catalyst for that.”