Sharon Deflorio Talks About the Ways People Can Stay Passionate About Their Work

There is a huge difference between doing work that feels boring and working on something that a person feels really passionate about. Time passes a bit faster when someone is actually enjoying what they are doing. They are able to be more creative and productive as well. Passion encourages professional success while elevating the enjoyment one enjoys in their life, in general. Most successful individuals, like Sharon Deflorio, are truly passionate about everything they do in life.

Sharon Deflorio underlines a few pointers that can help in staying passionate about work

If a person feels that they want to be more passionate about their job, it would be helpful for them to gauge the larger positive impact their work is likely to have. They need to ponder over how their work positively impacts others, including their peers, community, and even society at large. Doing so can help individuals to connect the purpose of the work they do and grasp the real difference they might be making.

One of the prime driving factors for individuals to feel more contented and fulfilled at work is their connection to the company culture. If a person does not “fit” into the organization or feels disconnected from their colleagues, it can definitely become difficult to stay motivated. Hence, one should try to reach out to their co-workers, and challenge themselves to make new connections. Volunteering for events at work is always a good idea to spend more time with peers and get to know them better. However, it also is important to find the right people to gel with.

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According to Sharon Deflorio if a person values feeling passionate about their work, they should also make efforts to be around people who feel the same way.  Negative people can drag others down as well.  So it is better to maintain a distance from them. Rather, one needs to focus on surrounding themselves with people who enjoy what one does, both in and outside the workplace.

Rather than labeling themselves as an expert, people should keep learning and honing their craft to keep their passion alive. Regardless of how much experience one may have, there is always a scope for more learning in almost any profession. People need to make efforts to stay current and to engage with the latest information related to their field. It can be a bit tough to feel truly excited when one thinks that one knows everything. Therefore, people need to stay open to learning new ideas throughout every stage of their career and maintain an inquisitive mindset. At times, people have to do the right thing first and let the inspiration hit on its own. No matter how they feel about their work, people must not lose an ounce of integrity and keep striving to the best of their ability. Backing up passion with the feeling of integrity takes people further on the journey of success.