Should climate change be studied in elementary classes?

Climate change is no doubt a global issue. The awareness should start with classroom education. It is because these students are the future of the human race.

If they understand the intensity of this problem from this tender age, they will pay more attention to it. At least, they will not be like the present generation, who are aware of it but are not interested in taking any steps.

Besides, classroom education is the best way to attach students to the cause. Since science is a part of the curriculum, educators can incorporate it to help students acknowledge the issue.

The reason why awareness is the key is that it lets people identify the problem and work on the solution. It works in a similar fashion when you realise a financial need and look for options like short-term loans for the unemployed.

In this case, solutions are readily available. However, climate change is a serious topic and demands solutions from different ends. Collective effort is needed in order to tackle this issue.

However, it is a composite concept, it is pivotal to alert young minds. It can only be done by adding such a topic to the school curriculum.

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Significance of adding such a topic in the curriculum

Educating young minds about this global crisis is an ideal way of spreading the word about it. None can deny that school is the best place to start that. It is where the teacher can cultivate the mind of the student.

Pupils of this age already have knowledge of this problem. It is no more an unknown thing. The core reasons why this should be into the curriculum are given below:

  • Firstly the purpose behind such an initiative is to raise concern about this problem among the school children
  • Proper guidance in this area will help the student act like the main mediator to bring some change
  • Complete awareness will help students to alert others about the consequences of this crisis
  • Alertness lets the students equip themselves for necessary changes that must be taken for the good
  • Education will help them inspire other people to come together to make a collective approach toward this global issue
  • Identifying the issue is the first step to finding its solution
  • Knowledge about the existing problem will motivate them to introduce the necessary lifestyle changes to mitigate its effects
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Inculcating vital habits to take care of the environment

Climate change is not a sudden problem. It is an outcome of ignorance by human civilisation. For this reason, you cannot expect the solution to be one way out.

It will take time. We have to keep patience. Meanwhile, what can we do? We should inspire our next generation, which is currently studying in school to learn a sustainable living.

It points out the importance of learning ways to take care of the environment. Now, this needs efforts from both the ends of parents and the school.

Things schools should do

They can encourage activities like:

Cleaning up the surroundings

This kind of programme will educate the children about cleanliness. Most importantly, it encourages the process of building an important habit. It will also let them understand why it is crucial to keep the surroundings clean.

Schools can arrange such programmes in a frequent manner.

Planting trees

It is another form of approach. The best part is that most children find this very interesting. It is because they are able to plant a tree on their own.

It is like a never-before kind of experience. It fulfils the main motto of such initiatives. But don’t forget to teach the students the reason behind planting trees.

A teacher can be creative in this approach. They can demonstrate the impact of tree planting through storytelling or even through enacting.

Excavating the nature

It is also an interesting activity. Teachers can take their students to some garden. There they must allow the student to explore different elements of nature.

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Say, for example, the leaves of a certain plant or an insect sitting on a leaf. This way, the teacher can portray how all these elements are important for nature and how they cumulatively contribute to the conservation of nature.

Recycling workshops

Students always find this activity to be enthralling. The reason is simple. It allows them to do creative things.

However, here, the twist will be to ask them to produce creative things by recycling waste. The teacher can take the session on their own or invite some expert for it.

The main idea behind such programs should be to make students aware of the problem and how they can contribute to managing the problem.

No direct solution to climate change is available. A gradual change in living and lifestyle can influence the path to the solution.

Plan on how to modify the curriculum

The topic in its entirety cannot be covered in the curriculum. Some parts need to be included in the books. At the same time, some portions need practical intervention.

The school should prepare the curriculum keeping this aspect in mind. Besides, they must work out how the practical sessions will be conducted.

The schools must pay attention to making theoretical learning interesting and grasping for the students. Otherwise, students will look forward more too practical activities.

Indeed, practical lessons will have more impact on their minds. However, some basic facets can only be included in the books.

Train the educators first

It might be a new concept for the teacher as well. What we know is a summary of climate change. Nevertheless, the entire concept is still unknown.

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Teachers specialising in their subjects should not necessarily have complete knowledge about them. The school needs to train the educators first. Schools must provide training sessions.

It will be helpful for the teachers. Such sessions will address how the teacher can impart lessons related to climate change. Besides, it will equip them with ideas on how all the practical lessons should be taken for the students.

The teacher must aim at making the practical learning interactive. Otherwise, students will also not pay attention. These tiny aspects do not seem to have much effect. However, in reality, such efforts count a lot.                                                                                                                                                                       

The bottom line

An acute topic like climate change needs special attention. Above all, it calls for necessary actions for eradication. Besides this, we should prepare our future generation on how to face and tackle the global problem that is amplifying day by day.

Educators can play a crucial role in this initiative. Schools should give this topic a place in the curriculum. They should act as a medium to educate the students about this problem.

Finding a solution is not possible if you are unaware of the problem. It is somewhat like choosing the apt loan option, like unsecured tenant loans, when you are not in the condition to pledge collateral.

The way of learning should be in such a manner that it does not leave the students too alarmed and petrified. This must encourage the students to suggest some solutions. It would make them study and analyse the problem from its roots.

By Ashish Verma

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