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Should Real Estate Agents Give a Closing Gift?

closing gift
closing gift

It’s the end of a long real estate deal. You’ve both spent endless hours looking, negotiating, and finalizing a deal that is worth both your time and effort. And, as your much-sought transaction comes to a close, you’ve decided that you want to give the buyer’s agent a closing gift.

To give the right gift, you want to know if it’s appropriate. But should real estate agents give closing gifts?

Determined to close the deal with grace? Here’s everything you need to know for real estate agents coming your way.

The Pros

Closing gifts are a great way for real estate agents to show their appreciation to their clients and show that their services are valuable. Closing gifts also help create a lasting impression for the client which leads to them feeling valued and respected. This can increase customer loyalty which leads to more positive reviews, more word-of-mouth referrals, and more repeat business.

Furthermore, closing gifts show the buyer that the agent is thinking about them after the home-buying process, which is a nice touch. Giving a closing gift to a client can help the agent differentiate themselves from their competitors, helping their business stand out.

The Cons

While closing gifts may lead to increased client satisfaction, they can also be seen as a form of bribery. This can be unethical and, if found out, can result in legal ramifications for the real estate business and agent.

Furthermore, gifts may lead to a sense of dissatisfaction among customers who may feel entitled to receive something for their purchase. This can lead to unrealistic expectations that the real estate agent is unable to fulfill.

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In addition, the cost of purchasing gifts for every client can be expensive for real estate agents. If done without careful consideration, this may result in financial losses for the agent. Therefore, real estate agents should think carefully before offering closing gifts to clients.

Discovering Other Creative Solutions

Real estate agents have traditionally given their clients a financial tombstones to show appreciation for their services. However, some agents are now looking to break this trend and discover other creative solutions to show appreciation instead.

Agents may now offer gifts for buyers or other small items that can be personalized or a unique sensory experience, such as a flower bouquet or candle, to make the gesture more meaningful.

Agents may also opt to host a small lunch or event for their clients. Taking the time to send hand-written notes or postcards to follow up with clients after the transaction has closed is another unique way of showing appreciation that resonates more with today’s clients. Many clients appreciate the thought behind these small gestures and are more apt to use the agent in the future or refer them to friends and family.

A Realtor’s Guide to Giving a Close Gift to Clients

Real estate agents should have the option to give a closing gift to the client. Gifts should be tailored to the individual and it is important to keep the budget in mind. Clients will likely appreciate any gesture, and it can help build lasting relationships.

Ultimately, a closing gift can be a great way to show appreciation and put a lasting smile on the client’s face. Get started today by researching different gifts that are best suited for each client.

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