Should You Buy the Dip in the Wake of Crypto Crash?

Crypto buzz has enveloped every corner of the globe.

People are rushing to invest in crypto in hordes, and businesses are willing to try their luck with crypto in large numbers.

But what’s so special about crypto anyway?

Well, crypto has certain unparalleled advantages that outsmart fiat currency. These include:

  • Decentralized currency – no intermediary
  • Can transfer huge amounts
  • Minimal fee
  • Transparency
  • Impregnable security
  • Strong privacy
  • Accessibility and ease

Still, that’s just the tip of an iceberg; there is so much more that makes crypto better than its traditional counterpart.

Recent Crypto Crash

Since its inception, crypto in general and Bitcoin, in particular, have been rising in value.

But the ghost of volatility has been haunting crypto since its birth – and it is logical, as some experts say, because crypto is still in its infancy – but as global crypto embrace rises, the volatility will subside.

There have been around five crypto winters so far. These are spells when crypto prices readily plunge and stay there for some time.

Right now, crypto is weathering another crypto winter. The recent crypto crash is an episode of this adverse season.

Bitcoin dropped to its lowest level since December 2020. Overall, the crypto market lost over 200 billion dollars in the recent collapse.

Ethereum, another dominant cryptocurrency, shed almost 11 percent of its value from last year.

But what does this trend entail? Will crypto bounce back?

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Will Crypto Recover?

The situation for crypto may seem bleak, but you shouldn’t lose your heart just yet.

Regardless of numerous crypto winters and intermittent crashes, crypto has always managed to bounce back.

It has even gained value more than what it crashed on before.

Bitcoin touched unprecedented levels reaching $60,000 at its peak. After recently plummeting to its lowest ebb of $11,000, it has since recovered value up to $21,000 – and the march is on.

One thing is sure: No matter how many hits crypto takes, it won’t fade off now. It is here to stay; in fact, it will inevitably disrupt the global financial system and replace fiat currency.

Carl Runefelt is a global crypto leader and crypto investor. His crypto investments made him a millionaire overnight. Today, he travels worldwide in his private jet and drives his dream car Bugatti in Dubai.

While commenting on crypto on his YouTube channel, The Moon, he said, “I am very confident that this will be a very good investment. I believe that Bitcoin is not only going to go to $500,000, I think that Bitcoin is gonna go to five million dollars per Bitcoin in today’s money. Crypto is genuinely game-changing, and it represents a massive transformation for the global economy and, indeed, the whole globe. It represents a paradigm change.”

Should You Buy the Dip Amid the Crash?

After the global crypto crash, the prices are gradually recovering now. It’s only a matter of time now when cryptocurrencies will regain their lost value.

As a matter of fact, cryptocurrencies will break their own records by scaling to prices never seen before.

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It is now an open secret that people have turned their lives around with crypto investments. From drowsing on sidewalks to sleeping in their luxury mansions, crypto has been generous to many.

Experts suggest many strategies to make money with crypto. But the one that is rarely suggested but is actually highly effective is making profits by buying the dip.

How does it work? And what’s this strategy?

Simply, whenever crypto prices nosedive, you grab this opportunity. Making substantial investments in this time means you are buying the dip

Now, we are sure that crypto will eventually regain its value – as it always has.

You will hold your crypto and carry on with your everyday life. Until the day you wake up to the news that crypto has massively gained value.

This can happen for several reasons. For instance, when Tesla announced that it would start accepting Bitcoin, the price of Bitcoin went through the roof. Carl Runefelt advises, “If you want to make money through crypto, the easiest way is to buy at a low price and sell when it is high. Also, you can intelligently take advantage of massive volatility and volume. At the same time, to make huge profits from investing in cryptocurrencies, one must conduct a rigorous market study and notice the factors affecting a particular cryptocurrency.”


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