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Signs You Need New Shock Absorber For Your Car

Signs You Need New Shock Absorber For Your Car

When you drive over a bump in the road, does your car or truck bounce wildly? Even on a little uneven road, does it feel difficult to steer properly? Your vehicle’s shocks or struts could be giving you trouble. You’ll find it challenging to control your car securely when these components begin to exhibit excessive wear and tear. Therefore, it’s critical to investigate and address these problems. But how can you tell whether your shocks or struts need to be replaced? Here are some useful hints to assist you.

Shocks and Struts: What Do They Do?

The suspension system of your car must have shocks and struts. Despite being different pieces, they both have the same purpose. They minimise your automobile’s springing motion and prevent oscillation and bounce, which could otherwise damage the underside of your car or make it difficult to control. When they’re functioning properly, your automobile will be simple to manage and steer, the ride will be comfy, and your wheels will feel straight.

Do I Need to Worry About My Car’s Shocks and Struts Both ?

No. Vehicles only have one of the two, never both. Find a different car mechanic to work on your automobile if one tries to convince you that you have both. The distinction between these two categories of automotive components depends on how your specific vehicle was constructed.

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The sole function of shocks is to serve as shock absorbers. Their sole objective is to improve the handling of your car.

Struts play a variety of roles. They alter your car’s alignment and are a structural component of the suspension system. You’ll also require a wheel alignment while having a strut.

When Shocks or Struts Fail, What Happens?

Simply put, having bad shocks or struts will make it difficult to keep your car in good driving control. Going over a bump or pothole might therefore potentially result in you losing control, endangering you and your passengers as well as increasing the likelihood of a collision with another vehicle. This is why it’s essential to maintain the appropriate functioning of your shocks or struts at all times.

What Indicates the Need for New Shocks or Struts in My Car?

If you’re unsure whether your car needs new shocks or struts, keep an eye out for these 6 symptoms:

1. Unsteady ride

Your automobile is giving you a significantly more uncomfortable ride than usual, which is the most clear symptom that there is an issue with your shocks or struts. The ride will feel tough since you’ll notice the bumps more. Your shocks or struts probably need to be checked out if you ever feel like you’re about to lose control of your car when you drive over a bump or pothole.

2. Issues with steering

Steering trouble is another clear indicator of a shock or strut issue. The steering wheel may seem difficult to turn or rigid. Additionally, when you make a turn or move lanes, your automobile can appear to be leaning or swaying.

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3. Braking Issues 

Because struts are a structural component of your car, they can malfunction and cause concerns other than merely suspension. When you apply the brakes, you can feel your automobile tremble, dip, or lurch forward.

4. Leaking fluid

If you know where to look, you might be able to see struts that have apparent wear and tear. However, a fluid leak is the most typical visual indicator that your shocks or struts might need repair.

5. Strange tread wear

Uneven tread wear will occur on your tyres when your suspension or wheel alignment is out of alignment, and it will typically look different than when your tyres are simply getting older. Scalloped dips (sometimes known as “cups”) can form along the edge of the tread as a result of suspension damage. Additionally, the issue is quite risky. Visit a repair as soon as possible if you spot any of these symptoms on your tyres.

6. Mileage

Depending on the make and model of your car, one should get the shock absorbers replacement service about every 50,000 miles. A routine inspection of the shocks or struts should be performed by a professional every 50,000 miles or as often as your owner’s handbook advises.

We Can Help At The Car Repair Perth

We can assist you if you see any of these warning signs of shock or strut damage or if it’s simply time to have your car checked regularly for preventive maintenance. If you have any questions about the suspension of your automobile, want to know best shock absorbers brands, or any other requirements, our helpful, professional staff will be pleased to help. Dial (08) 6117 0965  to reach us, stop by whenever you like, or make an online appointment.

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