Slay Your Outfits with these 10 Fashion Hacks

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With fashion trends changing so rapidly, we are always desperately attempting to keep up with them. Thanks to the internet and the fashion gurus for keeping us updated about the new trends.

As we enter 2020, many stylists believe in embracing your unique self. They are encouraging body positivity and want people to feel confident and different. They believe that there is no universal fashion advice for everyone. But they do share some simple style tricks and hacks to perk up the whole look and stay on top of the ever-changing trends. As I explored a lush mehndi dress for bride with intricate embroideries and neat details, I realized something. If not paired with the right heels, handbag, and hairstyle, the dresses will lose all their glamour.

To make a fashion statement, take advantage of these style hacks.

10 Fashion Hacks to Transform Your Entire Look

  1. Invest in Your Collection of Shoes.
  2. When in Doubt, Layer Up.
  3. Learn Some Great Hairstyles.
  4. Pick the Right Bag.
  5. Pay Attention to the Right Fitting While Shopping.
  6. Don’t Hesitate to Try Bold Colors.
  7. Accessorize Cleverly.
  8. Slay Your Leggings.
  9. While Shopping, Prefer Monochromes and Neutral Hues.
  10. Slay it With Confidence!

Invest in Your Collection of Shoes

Your footwear range can transform your entire look. Imagine wearing a simple tee and jeans with flip-flops and wearing the same with heels. What’s the difference? The former is an entirely casual look while the latter is formal. And the difference between both is the selection of shoes. This is an instance of how even the simplest of attires can look great when pulled off with a gorgeous pair of shoes. Therefore, spend wisely and get some flattering pairs of shoes to go with various outfits and occasions.

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When in Doubt, Layer Up

Since it’s winter, becoming a layering pro is a great opportunity. When you can’t decide what to wear, go for a simple tee or layer it with a nice blazer or a coat to ensure a presentable look.

Learn Some Great Hairstyles

Not sure you can manage hairdos like those you see on Pinterest? Thank YouTube for the online tutorials! If your hair is not done right, whatever you wear will not look flattering. The stepwise tutorials can even help people with basic skills. Try learning a couple of hairdos at least which suit you the best.

Pick the Right Bag

Handbags can perk up the entire look effortlessly. But they can also make the overall look incoherent. If you are not good at choosing good handbags, rely on a fashion diva or a style guru. Take help from social media to choose the right accessories. Create a good collection of handbags in various sizes, shapes, and colors. A black leather bag is essential though!

Pay Attention to the Right Fitting While Shopping

Whilst shopping for coats, blazers, jackets, and clothing items for that matter, pay attention to the fitting. Especially around the shoulders. If you have a tailor to make the tweaks for you, know that they can’t do anything to change the shoulders. So, make sure they sit perfectly on your shoulders.

Don’t Hesitate to Try Bold Colors

We love nudes and neutral hues. But sometimes, bold and bright colors like maroon, red, and burgundy look stunning for formal occasions. They serve as great statement colors. For inspiration, look up your favorite celebs slaying formal gowns in bright hues at Met Galas and Fashion Weeks.

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If you are a big fan of subtle and nude hues, consider adding a pop of color to create an alluring look.

Accessorize Cleverly

Don’t underestimate the appeal of the right accessories. A nice, intricate necklace paired with a white button-down shirt can make the whole look formal. Similarly, a nice hair accessory worn to a formal dinner will look great. Wearing bracelets and big rings can make you look chic. Therefore, invest in some statement jewelry pieces to add bling to your outfits.

Slay Your Leggings

Leggings are no longer restricted to the gym. They have emerged as essential elements of your winter wardrobe. Get your hands on black leather leggings to go with a formal event. Choose patterned, printed, textured, coated, and colorful stretchy pants to create a variety of great looks.

While Shopping, Prefer Monochromes & Neutral Hues

You read it right. With neutral colors and monochromes, you can experiment with a variety of looks. Bright-colored pieces get restricted to formal occasions and are hardly worn a couple of times. With a little creativity, you can come up with incredible mixes and matches and wear these pieces in many different ways.

Slay it With Confidence!

Whether you are wearing one of your semi-formal outfits for ladies, casuals, or formals, carrying them with confidence will complete the look! So, steal the show with grace and confidence and take advantage of the aforementioned tips.

By Harry Miller

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