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SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) Flooring | A Complete Guideline To Avoid Mistakes!

SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) Flooring

Floors always draw attention when we notice an interior theme of a place. A random selection of a floor without monitoring its functionality and other factors can generate trouble for you. In a market full of luxurious floor types that are functional as well as designed to elevate the interior theme of your place, SPC flooring is going trendy.

SPC flooring is a stone plastic composite floor that looks like a fake wood and stone flooring type with high functionality it offers within an affordable price range. This floor type goes perfectly with every module of the interior theme. This is undoubtedly well-designed to fulfill the requirements of both commercials and a private area. 

Choose Trendy SPC Flooring For Your Place

This article is written to provide you with easy guidelines about SPC flooring. SPC floors need no introduction in the market because they are well-known because of their luxurious look and budget-friendly price stickers with no compromise on their functionality as a floor. A floor is designed to be strong enough to bear maximum loads and weight-stays without getting damaged. 

Buy SPC flooring in Dubai for endless shade options to enhance the decor according to your requirements. Here is a brief guideline for selecting a perfect SPC flooring option for your place.

SPC Flooring Shapes

SPC flooring comes in three general forms to fulfill its function in the best way possible. All these shapes are briefly described below so that you can opt for the one that fits your idea or requirements perfectly.

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1. SPC Tile Flooring

  • The SPC luxurious tile floors come in a small tile shape flooring option with a luxurious look that resembles fake wood with a shiny appearance. These SPC tiles give a non-uniform appearance which is the new trend nowadays.
  • Better to select a shade that goes well with your interior decor, and only get inspired by its looks after testing the functionality of the tile. 
  • SPC tiles can be installed on any subfloor if thoroughly cleaned and allow the newcomer floor a smooth sitting. 
  • It is durable and offers maximum water resistance; water can not invade its layers and hence produces no harm to the flooring, even with extended stays.

Installation Requirements

  • Installing such tiles is super easy with the sticky substance it comes with. Start the tile installation from the room’s central point and then spread the tiles in all directions. 
  • The small-sized tiles are easy to carry and place on the floor and hence do not demand professional installation services.
  • Check if the tile is perfectly stuck to its place or still moveable. 
  • After installation of the entire floor, better walk properly on the floor so that it is confined well to its place. 

Maintenance Requirements

These floors require a proper cleaning routine to maintain their lavish look.

  • Use a chemical-free cleaner to clean dirt particles on them.
  • A microbe killer would go perfectly for a clean atmosphere.
  • Use hot water and white vinegar DIY to remove stubborn stains that can ruin its luxurious looks if it gets more catchy.
  • A single tile, if damaged due to a heavy load, stays in trouble and can be easily replaced; you can also get these tiles detached and use them elsewhere.
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2. SPC Sheet Flooring

  • SPC elegant sheets, also termed SPC rolls, come vast, and it is better to take measurements of your place before purchasing such floor type. 
  • This floor covering comes with a specific stick to get perfectly attached to the subfloor, and this sticky substance would not allow the sheet to move from its confined place. 
  • It provides a fake stone appearance and is loved for its natural shades and intense nature.
  • It is preferable to be installed in a commercial area on a ceramic floor. 
  • It provides a uniform floor look and hence has a different fan base.
  • This also comes with quality water resistance and resists stains and scratch marks. The protective layer this flooring carries does not let anything produce harm to the flooring, and hence it adds years to this SPC floor.

Installation Demands

  • Installing this huge roll at a place is hectic; therefore, people usually go for professional installation services for their smooth floor finishing. 
  • Some people take expert advice and install their SPC sheet floors without neglecting guidelines.
  • A good walk on the floor when a sheet is fully spread makes it stuck to its place.

Maintenance Demands

  • An SPC sheet is more challenging to maintain than tile flooring; better to clean it daily to maintain its luxurious look.
  • A stubborn stain is more like an enemy to this flooring type if it gets into the layers; a ruined look can never be regained, not even with a hundred tries. 
  • Professional maintenance is recommended at least thrice a year.

3. SPC Plank Flooring

  • The SPC flooring that comes in plank forms is termed SPC planks; these planks are the pieces that make complete flooring for the entire place. 
  • These planks are attached with the help of a locked system and perfectly stuck to their place with no movements remaining intact.
  • These floor types offer maximum shades, appearing as fake wood or laminate flooring.
  • They avoid slip trips even with their shiny look.
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Installation Needs

  • Because of their small sizes, they are easy to transfer from one place to another and can be installed without professional help. 
  • A proper adhesive is necessary for their installation. 
  • Monitor properly if the planks are stuck to their place firmly or not.
  • Observe the floor after placing the planks on it and see if it allows a smooth walk.
  • It resists water, stains, and marks without compromising its luxurious look.

Maintenance Needs

  • SPC floor in a plank form does not demand a high maintenance routine which is a plus point it attains.
  • You can simply get a cleaner to remove impurities from it.
  • Get a plank changed if it got damaged anyway; no need to change the entire flooring.

Come To An End

An SPC floor comes in three forms to perfectly goes with the requirement of your place, never ignore the functionality and choose the one that suits more to your taste and place’s requirements. A tile shape is easy to install and replace, sheets look luxurious, and planks are more robust among all types.

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