Spy on android phones is a must For 21st Century Parents

spy on android phones

They say you have to be smart to deal with the twenty-first-century kids. Well, that’s true as they are on fire. Recently there was this news all over the media and TV about a corrupt governor. He had a secret vault in his house for storing all the corrupt money. He was using all the government power and resources to get the money and was storing it in his house. The news got the wind when at a birthday party his teenager made a video of the room and all the money. It was all over the internet as she posted it on all the social media platforms. It was a mess. He was the on-duty working governor of the ruling party so it was bad for the reputation. The thing is he might have done a good job in secretly saving them money and keeping it secret all alone but still one live Instagram video made it to the whole world. So in the end he was caught and the news was broken for real.

Well, the thing about bad politics is that your whole family is gotten involved in it. So the media houses and channels tried to know every minor detail about the family and relationships. Apart from what really was happening between the governor and his wife The news about the kid was especially nerve-wracking. It was revealed that she was suffering from severe depression and anxiety because of the lack of affiliation and proper attention from her parents. Thus the drunken party and all the social media accounts and activities were a lame attempt to get affiliation and love in the form of likes and comments from the audience.  

  • The average statistics show approximately 1261 likes on Instagram posts.
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The greed of more and more likes can sometimes mess up your head. Well, that happened to the girl. I think every parent must take extra precautionary measures to be virtually present in the kid’s life. Of course, life is fast and you can’t be with them all the time. Spy on android phones and smart gadgets while spying on them is a tactic that can save future harm. Apps like TheOneSpy offer a lot of features that can help parents in different ways. Here are some of the features that can be used as parental control. 

The Live Alerts:

Most social media platforms offer a live option that allows the user to live broadcast whatever is happening around. The TheOneSpy spy app allows the user to keep a check on the live broadcast. Keep an eye on the teen live stream to know what they are up to and how are they dealing with life. Instagram spy app and Facebook spy app make it easy for the user.    

The Post Rush:

The rush to post everything on the social media platform can cost big damage just like what happened to the governor’s family. Teens are addicted to getting immediate attention in the form of likes and responses by posting stuff without any filter on social media platforms. Spy on android phones of teenagers by parents makes it possible to monitor the post of their online accounts. You can even make them stop posting too much stuff or too vulnerable stuff on the public platform.

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The Disappearing Stories:

Stories usually disappear after 24 hours and there is a chance that parents might skip the content. But not when you have got the TheOneSpy whatsapp spy app as they even save the disappeared data for the user as well.

The Bitter Comments:

Save the kids from the harsh comments by monitoring the online account activities and friends circle. Track any bully right away and take action right away.

The Run For Likes:

Keep them away from the obsession of more and more likes by monitoring their followers and other numbers.

Spy on android phones is legal with spyware like the TheOneSpy. The app offers three different types of bundles for all types of users. All you need is physical access and basic know-how to handle a simple spy app. Everything can be handled remotely so no need to worry about any complications.

By Cathy Alan

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