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Start Your Own Home DIY Blog

You have a passion for DIY and want to start your own home DIY blog. But first you need to choose a niche for your blog and start with creating content that will attract your ideal readers.

A DIY home improvement blog is a great way to share your skills and show off your creativity, but it can be challenging to find the right one for you.

Decor Hacks

Decor Hacks is a home DIY blog with a huge variety of tips and tricks to help you transform your home on a budget. With a little time and patience, you can achieve designer-level interiors for a fraction of the price.

One of the easiest DIY home decor hacks is to brighten up your home – you don’t need to spend thousands on new furniture, curtains or lighting fixtures to make your space feel lighter. You can use brighter paint, introduce more lighting and switch out heavy blinds or curtains for pretty decorative glass film to keep your windows open without blocking out the light.

If you’re planning on painting your walls, instead of breaking out a giant can, store a small amount in a baby food jar for quick touch-ups. This is a great way to save money on paint while keeping your projects organized and easy to carry around. It’s also a nice way to avoid messing up your wall paint with excess drippings.


ZCBN is a home DIY blog that features an impressive collection of home improvement projects. The site also features tips and tricks for a variety of common household tasks, from cleaning to decorating to managing the kids. Katie Wells is the blogger behind the site and the founder of Wellnesse, a sister company that offers a plethora of health & wellness products and services. She’s also the author of a number of books on subjects ranging from health to home décor, and has won numerous awards in her field. She’s also been featured in a number of notable media outlets, including the New York Times and Huffington Post. She has a thriving community of fellow wellness enthusiasts, and her blog is an important source of information for parents everywhere.

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HomeMade Modern

Ben Uyeda started HomeMade Modern to fulfil his maker passion and bring great DIY projects to other people’s lives. He has a playful, artistic bent and loves to experiment with different materials and designs.

This blog focuses on affordable and easy ways to make your home look beautiful and more stylish. The site is filled with ideas for decorating your home, DIY tips and tutorials, and product reviews.

The DIY & Crafts blog features everything from homemade crafts to recipes, gift ideas and holiday decorating. It also has a section dedicated to repurposed items that you can use around your home.

Another popular blog is Addicted 2 DIY, a furniture-building blog that offers inexpensive plans for knockoffs of high-end pieces from Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. The plans are simple and can be built in a matter of days.

The ZCBN blog is a great resource for families that want to live a healthier lifestyle. The site offers great parenting and health tips alongside natural DIY articles.

Life Over Easy

Life Over Easy is a fun and entertaining home DIY blog by two women who have a thing for decorating and rearranging their spaces. It’s the perfect place to find ideas and inspiration for your own home makeover. The blog specializes in the latest and greatest in design trends, home improvement, reclaimed furniture, and more. It also features recipes, decor, and some nifty swag.

Probably the best part about Life Over Easy is that it’s a family-friendly site, which makes it ideal for anyone looking for a new way to decorate their home or office. It has an extensive gallery of inspiring projects, with lots of swoon worthy photos. It also offers a number of downloadable templates to help you along the way.

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This is one of the best home DIY blogs for your buck. They have a plethora of creative and nifty home improvement ideas, and it’s easy to see why they are so popular. They even have a dedicated Instagram page where you can follow their progress.

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