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Startup Public Relations – Five Ways to Build Your Program

Public Relations
Public Relations

Public relations programs can be a great bootstrapping technique to get the public aware of your new business. The process of creating a successful program requires time and effort; however, getting your business’s name to appear on the front page of your local newspaper is well worth the effort.

Here are five ways you can try to begin and run a successful PR strategy:

1. Prepare for the future.

A public relations campaign is about making a publisher or reporter enthusiastic about your business…but you’re only given a few words to accomplish this. Before bombarding media outlets with press releases about your business, ensure you are confident of the message you intend to communicate. Create a verbal business card which is a brief description of your business, who you do it for, and what makes your company one of the top companies in the market. There should be three clearly defined distinctive selling points (things that make your business distinct or superior to others), which should be highlighted in your press releases.

2. Prepare collateral.

Whatever your goals in your PR efforts, you will require specific collateral that will aid in the preparation of your story pitch or press release. If you require professionally designed data sheets, top-quality images, or basic interview prep, you must complete the work before you begin your PR strategy. Reporters are usually under pressure to respond quickly, and the better equipped you are to respond promptly, the more efficient you’ll be.

3. Determine your goals.

There are a variety of media outlets that are targeted at different segments of the market. Make sure you research the most profitable possibilities for your business, the ones that will reach your primary customers and those who will likely be interested in the offerings. Be thorough in investigating each choice. Ask for an information kit for media, find out which gatekeepers you need to contact, and learn the rules and requirements regarding submissions.

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4. Create connections.

Learn about the gatekeepers from your favorite media outlets and the neighborhood business-beat reporters. If you participate in networking events expected to be featured by local media outlets, they are great opportunities to meet local journalists. Be available to provide remarks or audio clips on any story related to your field. Make sure you respond to calls from your contacts in the media. Remember that they’re usually under pressure to meet deadlines. Pressure…if you don’t pick up their phone every time they phone, the next person will. He will then raise the list of experts.

5. Keep it up.

Create and distribute press releases and media advisory documents frequently. Release new products, announcements of new employees, joint ventures, or any other information you think is newsworthy. Make sure every summary has the same message regarding your business. Always provide contact details, including email and phone numbers. If you receive inquiries from the media, reply promptly and professionally. If you are still waiting for a response from your primary contacts, Follow up with an additional telephone or email within several weeks.

Make the most of the powerful power of PR. Include PR strategies in your marketing strategy and remain consistent in announcing your startup. If the floodgates may not open instantly and you’re still building a reputation and solid relationship in time will lead to a great free press.

Dario Smith