Why Your Startup Needs a Custom Software Development Company?

Undoubtedly, the idea that had hit your mind earlier was fantastic. Now that your company is growing and has loyal workers, you can look forward to a fantastic future filled with ups and downs and possibly some financing from investors. Does this description apply to you at this time or do you believe it will in the near future? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” you must have considered about using a Custom Software Development.

The process of developing apps that are customized to the unique requirements of a certain business or person is known as customized software development. Custom software products are designed to meet the expectations of a single customer and ultimately fulfill their specific business goals and specifications, in contrast to the off software solution.

Because custom software development is often more expensive than using off-the-shelf software, some companies may choose not to do so. Even with future business predictions in mind, as demonstrated by a rise in the use of custom software over off-the-shelf over the period of five years, for instance in the ERP Category.

Why the custom software development is becoming popular day by day. Some benefits of the custom software development for the startups are given below:

Meet the needs of your business:

Business owners want custom solutions. An entrepreneur is unlikely to choose an off-the-shelf solution if they want a retail solution with member sign-up, the ability to track user’s activity, analyze website traffic, offer things based on user’s age, location, and preferences and set the custom tracking tags in CMS. Either they need to adjust their business model or choose the custom software development solution that is in line with their vision.

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Losses caused by cybercrime are predicted to total $6 trillion by 2021. Isn’t it a scary number? It’s a common misconception that giant firms are the only ones who experience hacking attacks. Cyberattacks can cause financial loss and reputation damage to small company owners. According to Statista, the industrial, hotel and financial sectors are the most often targeted by cyberattacks.

In comparison to pre-made software solutions, custom software offers a significantly higher level of security. First of all, they have unique security codes and encryption and are not accessible to the general public. Second, trusted software providers offer the comprehensive cyber audits to improve the stability and integrity of organizational security controls, making them more equipped to resist the potential attacks.

Easier to Scale:

The standards increase more quickly as your firm grows. Many business owners make the same error when starting out: they are solely concerned with the viability of their brand and fail to consider how their product will develop in the future. And when that time arrives, generic solutions are either unable to meet their demands any more or cost enormous amounts of money. Therefore, it makes sense to create unique software for startups. Even while it first appears to be more expensive and time-consuming, it will definitely be worthwhile in the long run.

Software Integration:

Running a business necessitates the active use of a variety of software programs, including ERP, CRM, marketing tools, etc. While off-the-shelf solutions often manage this task, they cannot provide a flawless experience that lowers employee productivity.

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On the other side, custom software enables you to smoothly and simply combine your product with other software that is already in use.

Independence from developers:

When you buy commercial software, the terms and restrictions it sets become “a prisoner” of yours. Your future of the company is entirely dependent on the support of the developers. You will have a limited amount of time to locate a new supplier if the business from which you bought the software goes out of business or stops providing updates. That is costly and unsafe. Contrarily, you can utilize bespoke software as long as you need it and in the manner that you like. The vendor will offer its assistance if something needs to be improved or the product needs to be maintained.

Use the benefits of custom software development:

Business owners may benefit greatly from using custom software solutions since they are made to meet the unique requirements of each company, offer superior data security, and have limitless potential for updates. No off-the-shelf software product can compete with an app created specifically to satisfy the requirements of your company by a skilled team of developers.

Finding the ideal vendor to realize your vision is the most vital step. We at Pixelpk Technologies have successfully provided software development services for Fortune 500 companies as well as startups. We have extensive experience developing IoT software, online and mobile applications, quality assurance and testing, cloud, and DevOps services. Please get in touch with us if you’re prepared to talk about your project.

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