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Streamlining the EV Charging Process with Energy5


As the world shifts towards sustainability, the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is on the rise. However, this shift requires a reliable infrastructure of electric charging stations to support the growth of EVs. Energy5 has stepped up to provide end-to-end turnkey EV charging solutions for businesses, streamlining the entire process from permitting to installation and beyond.

Cost-effective Charging Stations

One of the biggest concerns for businesses when it comes to installing EV charging stations is the cost. Energy5 has come up with a smart solution by finding and applying for the best incentives in your area to cover up to 90% of the purchase and installation costs. This means businesses can install commercial EV charging stations without breaking the bank. In addition, Energy5 offers a 12-month financing option with 0% APR and monthly payments to cover the remaining 10% of costs.

Easy-to-Use Management Software

Energy5’s commercial EV charging stations are suitable for any business model. The company’s EV Charging Station Management Software is user-friendly and can be accessed on both desktop and mobile devices. This means customers can easily charge their EVs and businesses can operate the charging plan with ease.

Hassle-Free Process

Installing EV charging stations requires a lot of work, including permits, paperwork, and on-site work. Energy5 takes care of all of it, removing the hassle from the equation. Their team of experts handles everything, from permitting to incentive acquisition, to installation and maintenance down the road. This allows businesses to focus on their core activities while Energy5 takes care of everything related to EV charging.

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Energy5 has made it easier for businesses to embrace the shift towards sustainability by simplifying the process of installing EV charging stations. With cost-effective solutions, easy-to-use management software, and a hassle-free process, Energy5 offers a comprehensive package for businesses looking to invest in EV charging infrastructure. So, if you’re a business owner looking to provide EV charging services to your customers, Energy5 is the perfect partner to help you achieve your sustainability goals.