Why MBBS Study In China?

Why MBBS Study in China?

Study MBBS in China

One of the world’s oldest civilizations, China has a more than 5,000-year history of writing, a rich culture, and a well-respected educational institution. This history still exists today, particularly in the field of medicine, where China is currently among the countries where the number of overseas students studying medicine is expanding the fastest.

Several students from all around the world have recently chosen China as their destination for medical school. More than 10,000 students came to Study MBBS in China last year, and the majority of them chose an MBBS program taught in English. If you have any questions about why they decided to start their medical careers in China without hesitation, the following factors are thought to be advantageous:

1. Internationally recognized and eligible for all medical license exams

The Chinese government has granted permission for international students to enroll in the 52 medical institutions that have been accredited. All are mentioned in the “Directory of Global Medical Schools” published by the World Health Organization (WHO). Because of this listing, graduates are qualified to take national medical screening exams such as the USMLE, PLAB, AMC, MCI, PMDC, HPCSA, and SCHS.

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A list of Chinese medical schools that accept foreign students

Directory of Medical Colleges in the World

Welcome to the World Health Organization’s Avicenna Directory for medicine.

Prerequisites for Practicing Medicine in Australia (IMED) and the International Medical Education Directory (IMED)

List of Foreign Medical Graduates Accepted by the Singapore Medical Council.

List of China Medical Schools That the Indian Medical Council Has Authorized (MCI)

List of International Universities Approved by the Thai Medical Council

2. Comparable to medical higher education in the West

The majority of China’s medical universities are renowned for being at the forefront of contemporary medicine and are included among the top 500 universities in the world. In addition, English-medium MBBS programs have been taught for many years, and many graduates are currently pursuing additional education in China or working as doctors there.

3. In China, living expenses and education expenditures are significantly lower.

China boasts excellent educational infrastructure and offers low living and tuition costs. An equivalent program in the US or UK costs 70% more than studying for an MBBS in China. The Ministry of Public Health of the Chinese Government subsidizes tutoring fees at Chinese institutions. Overall, studying in China is very affordable for foreign students.

4. Many top-notch hospitals for internships

With a population of over 1 billion, China will offer excellent learning opportunities as there will be a large number of clinical cases to witness during the course of the clinical years. The linked hospital where students complete their internships must be a Grade III, Level A facility with many patient beds and the most cutting-edge, international-standard medical equipment. As a result, China’s medical market is expanding quickly and is on its way to becoming one of the largest in the world.

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5. Campus life that is vibrant and fulfilling, with four distinct seasons

Since China’s climate differs from region to region, each university has its own unique beauty throughout the year. On campus, students can enjoy their academic pursuits or go on vacation and explore the city. Most Chinese colleges offer a variety of unique activities to aid overseas students in learning about the gorgeous and alluring Chinese culture and customs, which is also helpful for them as they adjust to life in China. Both the attitude of the new generation in China and its cultural history are accessible to international students in China.

6. Study in a nation with top-notch public safety

China is a tranquil nation with social harmony and high levels of public safety. The Chinese government adopts a strict stance on crime and law and order in order to ensure that people live in a pleasant and secure society. The government also makes a special effort to give international students a secure atmosphere on campus for study and living.

7. Research and examine the rich culture and history

China’s universities and colleges enroll more than 260,000 foreign students each year, making it one of the most sought-after locations for international students to study as a result of the astounding accomplishments China has accomplished over its 30 years of opening up to the outside world. China is seen as both a symbol of a fascinating ancient culture and a thriving contemporary economy, and it offers something for everyone. There is a great benefit to learning the most widely spoken international language in the world since students are forced to learn Mandarin while studying in China.

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8. When East and West collide

Traditional Chinese Medicine was developed in China (TCM). The future of modern medicine is a synthesis of TCM and Western MBBS. TCM is also taught to medical students in China, and there are options for postgraduate study in all TCM subspecialties.


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