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Supermicro Enabling Private 5G Network

The Supermicro proprietary solution is a new implementation of a carrier-grade 5G core infrastructure designed to power both Private LTE and Wireless backhaul networks. The solution has the potential for all-inclusive performance benefits, reduced total cost of ownership, and increased customers. We will discuss what Supermicro is, Supermicro’s Private LTE 5G core infrastructure solution, and its benefits.

What is Supermicro

Supermicro is a provider of next-generation technology in the cloud and data center market. The company is headquartered with offices around the world. Supermicro’s solutions are based on its proprietary server building block architecture, Open Systems Architecture (OpenSBA) Paradigm. With this architecture, Supermicro can customize multiple hardware and software components to create a system that provides optimized performance, maximum flexibility, and lower total cost of ownership for today’s data centers.

What is a Private 5G Network?

A private network is an enterprise-dedicated network communicating with people or devices outside the enterprise. A Private 5G Network is a high-speed wireless network exclusively used for data, voice, and Internet. The wireless network can be used for many things, including to support the standard LTE network or for a privately deployed infrastructure supporting 5G standards. The primary purpose of private LTE networks is to provide Internet access for a small group of users, possibly from one office building to another. The private LTE network can also be used as a secondary backhaul network if there is a need to connect the core to the edge of the enterprise.

What are The Benefits Of a Private 5G Network?

Private 5G Networks have many benefits that make them a good fit for many IT organizations. These benefits may include the following:

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1. Control Over Network Architecture

The customer fully controls the network or topology. The customer can decide what type of 5G network it wants and the locations of base stations and other equipment. When the customer chooses the right technology, private 5G networks can provide more private coverage and capacity. In a private 5G network, the number of people accessing that Wi-Fi router in that room doesn’t matter. Only the number of people who can reach that router matters. Private 5G wireless networks are more cost-effective than building additional wireless networks in every room.

2. Voice Interconnection Between Private Network and Public Networks

Private 5G Networks can be used to interconnect with public networks. In this case, the service provider could offer VSP services over the private network. As an example, in a hospital with multiple departments, it is common for nurses to use internet applications such as hospital management software from phones or laptops when they are on break. Nurses can access the Internet away from their desks if a private LTE network is provided.

3. More Reliable and Cost-effective

The private LTE network can be deployed in one location, allowing for greater control over where and what form the network takes. With a private LTE network, customers don’t have to buy expensive new equipment to support redundant networks. Private LTE networks are more accessible and cost-effective than traditional 3G/4G wireless networks.

These networks are typically used by an organization’s internal customers and hosted users, vendors, service providers, and other business partners. Private networks are designed to be independent of external networks such as the Internet. The fundamental premise is to have the ability to have a 5G network capacity and roam freely between multiple operators using one carrier-grade core infrastructure. It’s an ideal solution for application-driven networks where multi-homing is essential due to the long lifespan of cellular technologies within a macrocell environment.

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