Take Advantage Of Kraft Boxes? Read These 10 Tips

Other packaging options in the main markets around the world have to compete hard with the custom-printed cardboard boxes. Packaging companies put money into improving the designs, themes, and structures of these boxes better to meet their marketing, advertising, and packaging needs.  Through research and development, new materials like Kraft and other types of cardboard were made, which are now used to make packaging Kraft boxes that work well. Let’s read about what’s good about them:

List of Interesting Tips to Take Advantage of Kraft Boxes

Kraft boxes are good for the environment:

Kraft packaging Boxes are made of 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable materials. The Kraft is made of natural, unbleached materials that are safe and good for the environment.  It is bleached even more, so it can be available to make white kraft paper. The white kraft paper is perfect for dying in other colours, such as black, yellow, green, or even a mix of colours. Adding more layers of polyethylene to this material makes the packaging safe against changes in temperature, moisture, dirt, and even grease. It also makes these boxes less likely to tear apart or split.  Because of these things, shipping, commercial, and packaging companies love using Kraft in different packaging boxes.

They are available in versatile shapes and designs:

Everything can be packed in kraft boxes, from small candles to oversized items. One of the best things about Kraft corrugated packaging boxes in the packaging business is that they come in different sizes. Using different printing methods like digital, offset, and lithography, it’s easy and quick to change the look of these boxes. These boxes look great because they have excellent details like window patching and cutouts that make the products inside stand out.

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Different styles can be available for Kraft packaging boxes:

The Kraft Packaging Boxes can be the best ones to look like many other things. The kraft boxes are accessible in different styles, and you can use them for different types of packages. Here are a few of the most well-known kinds of Kraft box packaging.

  • Box with a gable roof
  • End Tuck Box
  • Boxes that have tops
  • One-piece Box
  • Two-Piece Box
  • Kraft Pouches
  • Mailer Boxes
  • Boxes with handles for cakes
  • Hanger Boxes
  • T-Box
  • Fold-Lock Takeout Containers
  • Die Cut Boxes

Shipping is easy with corrugated Kraft boxes:

Corrugated Kraft Boxes are the best choice for quick shipping over a longer distance. In addition to being made of durable corrugated paper, these boxes are also eco-friendly, recyclable, organic, and biodegradable. The corrugated boxes are solid and natural, so they suit the environment.

Kraft packaging boxes are highly durable:

The Kraft Boxes are strong and made of materials that last. So, they are perfect for businesses selling food, subscription boxes, and medicine. Also, the same kraft box works well for packaging cosmetics and candle boxes.

Customized printing works best on Kraft packaging:

One great thing about Kraft eco-friendly packaging boxes is that they can be available with different printing methods and colour profiles. Simple black and white prints look best on Kraft Boxes, while bright colours look best on Kraft Boxes. Few best printing options available for Kraft boxes are:

  • Offset Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • UV Print

For strong branding, Kraft boxes are the best choice:

Branding is a powerful way for every business to find its place in its target market. Logo, or the tagline, including the text, colour scheme, labeling, or colorful stickers, are the essential parts of any powerful brand. The best choice is to use Kraft mailer boxes for branding purposes.  Wholesale Kraft box packaging is very flexible and gives the best printing results even when the base is brown, and any colour is applied to white kraft and then dyed again. It works well with offset printing, which uses the least amount of ink.

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Kraft boxes are a very cost-effective choice:

Everyone knows the fact that Kraft boxes are quite a lot cheap. Their costs are low because they are natural and not bleached. You can easily use it as brown paper that hasn’t been bleached. This makes it look very honest.

Kraft boxes can be part of finishing coating options:

Kraft boxes can be adorned away in any way you want. All kinds of finishing coats work best with kraft packaging. Here are the best finishing coats you can buy.

  • AQ Coating
  • Coating for UV
  • Gloss Coating in Spots
  • Coating with a soft feel
  • Varnish
  • Lamination (Matte/ Gloss)
  • Anti-Scratch

Also, the Kraft boxes wholesale can have custom changes to them with sheets, labels, and stickers, depending on what is needed. A few exciting add-ons for brown Kraft boxes are below for you.

  • Stamping with hot foil
  • Stamping on cold foil
  • Blind Embossing and Debossing
  • Embossing on both sides
  • Window Repair

For a good finish, labels and stickers are made of vinyl, and gum is put on the back. It’s a great idea to put labels and stickers on kraft boxes. The whole package will be the best if the tags and stickers are also good for the environment.

Kraft Boxes are lighter in weight: 

Compared to other types of packaging, Kraft Paper is a lot lighter. But when corrugated boxes are made of Kraft paper, the weight increases because of how the piece is layered. Because of this, it is a light material that is easy to work with.

Which Industries Are Using Kraft Boxes Packaging?

Here we a few common industries which are likely using custom Kraft boxes all the time:

  • Drinks and Food Industry
  • Medicines or drugs
  • Decorative items 
  • Electronic Accessories (Computer and Mobile) 
  • Construction Materials 
  • Skin Care brands 
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To end with the discussion, Kraft packaging boxes are cheap and offer many ways to promote a business and make it known. 

Kraft is a good material for the environment because it can be recycled and is 100% organic because it hasn’t been bleached. But if needed, it can also be dyed a different colour. It guarantees excellent printing results, which are best for low-cost printing and branding. 

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