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Tallest Female K-Pop Symbol

Essentially move dolls that are 5’6″ (167.6 cm) and up.

Here are the tallest female symbols in K-pop right now. Whether you’re searching for the tallest young lady gatherings or leggy-free craftsmen, this rundown of tall K-pop women is positioned by level, so look at underneath to see who’s the tallest among them. . (Reply: She’s from Everglow!)

Featuring Somi, Blackpink’s Roses, Itzy’s Yuna, Red Velvet’s Fulfillment, Two times’ Tzuyu, and the sky’s the cutoff from that point on, K-pop’s tallest ladies’ show that expected comes in all shapes and sizes . tallestclub https://tallestclub.com/


Level: 5’6” (167 cm)

Park Soo-youthful (considered September 3, 1996), better realized by the stage name Pleasure, is a South Korean vocalist, performer, and host. She showed up in August 2014 as an individual from the South Korean youth young lady bunch Red Velvet. In 2017, Khushi showed up as a performer and played parts in the television dramatizations The Liar and His Darling (2017), Caught (2018), and The One. what’s more, presently (2021). In 2021, Satisfaction officially showed up as an autonomous skilled worker with the appearance of her one-of-a-kind assortment Hello. tallest kpop idol https://tallestclub.com/tallest-kpop-idol/


Level: 5’6” (167 cm)

Lisa Manobal (generally called Manoban; considered Pranpriya Manobal; imagined Walk 27, 1997), better referred to mononymously as Lisa, is a Thai rapper, vocalist and craftsman situated in South Korea. She is an individual from the South Korean youth young lady bunch Blackpink, created by YG Redirection. Lisa will make her presentation debut in September 2021 with her free assortment Lalisa. The assortment sold more than 736,000 duplicates in South Korea in its dispersion week, making her the primary female craftsman to do as such. The music video for her lead single of a similar name collected 73.6 million perspectives on YouTube in its initial 24 hours of delivery, turning into the most seen music video in its initial 24 hours by a free craftsman before a crowd of people and procuring Lisa two Guinness Book of World Records grants. World Records. did. …More

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Level: 5’6” (167 cm)

Yoo Jeong-yeon (conceived November 1, 1996), referred to expertly as Jeongyeon, is a Korean vocalist situated in South Korea and an individual from the K-pop young lady bunch Two times under JYP Redirection. Subsequent to bombarding her JYP tryouts as a young, she in the end joined the association at Walk 2010 in the wake of passing the open preliminaries.


Level: 5’6” (167 cm)

Kim Ji-yoo (conceived May 17, 1994), better referred to mononymously as JiU, is a South Korean vocalist and lyricist, the lead vocalist and lead artist of the young woman bunch Dreamcatcher.


Level: 5’6” (168 cm)

Roseanne Park (conceived 11 February 1997), alluded to secretly as Rosé, is a Korean-New Zealand vocalist and craftsman situated in South Korea. Brought into the world in New Zealand and brought up in Australia, Rosé moved with South Korean imprint YG Redirection in 2012 after a fruitful tryout and momentarily prepared prior to taking up going about as an individual from the young female gathering Blackpink in August 2016. did. In Walk 2021, Rose made her presentation debut with her autonomous assortment R. The assortment sold 448,089 duplicates in its most important week, the most for a Korean female free craftsman. Lead single “On the Ground” was comparably a business achievement, outlining the Bulletin Overall 200 and arriving at the main five locally.


Level: 5’6” (168 cm)

Noh Hyo-jung (conceived August 31, 2002), otherwise called Lucy, is a South Korean vocalist under Fantagio. She is the most youthful individual from the young lady bunch Bizarre Makey.

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An Eugene

Level: 5’6” (168 cm)

A Yoo-jin (conceived September 1, 2003), better referred to mononymously as Yoojin, is a South Korean vocalist. She is the top of the South Korean youth young lady bunch Ive under Starship Diversion. From October 2018 to April 2021, Ann was an individual from Mnet’s little kid bunch perseverance show Produce 48*, a little youngster bunch in the wake of coming in fifth spot.


Level: 5’6” (168 cm)

Kim Yoo-hyun (conceived January 7, 1997), referred to mononymously as Yoohyun, is a South Korean vocalist and lead performer of the young lady bunch Dreamcatcher.


Level: 5’6” (168 cm)

Kim Si-hyun (conceived August 5, 1999), better referred to mononymously as Sihyon, is a South Korean vocalist under the name Yuhua Redirection. She is an individual from the little kid bunch Everglow.

Child Eyes

Level: 5’6” (168 cm)

Kid Na-eun (considered February 10, 1994), alluded to mononymously as Neon, is a South Korean vocalist and performer. She rose to notoriety after her exhibition as an individual from the South Korean youth young lady bunch, Apink. Notwithstanding her group exercises, Child has likewise showed up in The Unique Seer (2012), My Youngsters Gave Me a Headache (2012-2013), Second 20s (2015), Cinderella with Four Knights (2016), The Exceptional Diviner (2012) work done. , Most Lovely Goodbye (2017), Superper Mate (2020) and Apparition Subject matter expert (2022). In April 2021, Kid left Play M Redirection and remained a person from Apink until April 8, 2022, going before pulling out from the social occasion. Not long subsequent to leaving Play M, she joined YG Entertainment as a performer.

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Level: 5’7″ (169 cm)

Charitable Ha-young (imagined July 19, 1996), better alluded to mononymously as Hyyoung, is a South Korean performer, lyricist, and performer. She is generally famous as a person from the South Korean young woman pack Apink.

Lee Chaeyoung

Level: 5’7″ (169 cm)

Lee Chae-young (bornOn July 2017, Chaeyoung transformed into a competitor in Symbol School, and finished the resistance in fourth spot, subsequently showing up as a person from fromis_9.