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How to Start Telecom Business in Bangladesh

How to Start Telecom Business in Bangladesh

One of the most significant financial drivers of Bangladesh’s economy has been the development and upgrading of telecom services. The reason behind this is Bangladesh maintains the aim to develop into an upper-center profits elegance country. “Digital Bangladesh” promotes internet growth across the country, and practical measures were taken to make all government services web-based.

In this article, we’ll go through the procedures of opening a telecom business in Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) is the regulatory body in charge of issuing and regulating all licenses. Along with that, these licenses are a must to conduct and provide telecom services in Bangladesh. However, the two main services supplied by the telecom business in Bangladesh are voice call services and mobile internet data. With 60% of Bangladesh’s population being younger and middle-aged people, they utilize mobile phones. Smartphones are becoming increasingly affordable to them.

Easy and quick internet access is causing significant and positive changes to communication systems. The expansion of e-commerce, e-agriculture, e-education, ridesharing, and other on-demand services – both privately and publicly owned. These changes are helping to expand the telecom business in Bangladesh.

Market Overview

The capital Dhaka is ranking third in freelance IT and IT-enabled offerings (ITES) outsourcing globally. Also, with a consistent GDP growth rate of around 6% for the previous few years, Bangladesh has reasons to be proud and confident. With over 90 million mobile phone smartphone users, 2.7 million Facebook users, and 99% geographical coverage in voice and data connection (mostly via wi-fi networks), Bangladesh has reached preliminary carrier shipping readiness. Bangladesh’s IT sub-region has the potential to become an appealing ICT outsourcing destination, resulting in an increase in export revenue as well as the creation of new jobs.

Although, the first telecom company, Citycell, was launched in 1989. Since it was the simplest CDMA cell operator in Bangladesh, it became widely used until 1997. This is the year when the largest telecom, GrameenPhone (GP), entered the market with its GSM technology. Since then, the company has grown at such a rapid pace in barely a decade that it is difficult to comprehend. Now, certain companies are fighting so hard for their respective market share that customers and the economy have benefited significantly from this tough rivalry.

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Bangladesh’s software and IT carrier companies have matured. The companies are no longer on the sidelines. Also, they have joined the establishment on a worldwide scale. Not only do the companies contribute significantly to national earnings, but they also play important roles in creating high-quality employment for a large proportion of young graduates. The fundamentals using the strain of Bangladesh’s IT industry are the younger marketers’ eagerness and resilience.

The Registration Process for a License

The Registration Process for a License

Any new telecom company that wishes to enter the telecom industry must apply for a license from the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regularity Commission/BTRC. Along with that, the BTRC has the only jurisdiction to issue licenses for the construction and operation of telecom businesses in Bangladesh. Category of License/Registration Certificate:

1. International Gateway Licenses

2. Interconnection Exchange Licenses

3. International Internet Gateway Licenses

4. Mobile Number Portability Licenses

5. Broadband Wireless Access Licenses

6. Cellular Mobile Operator Licenses

7. 3G Cellular Mobile Phone Operator Services Licenses

8. 4G/LTE Cellular Mobile Phone Operator Services Licenses

9. Internet service provider zonal license

10. International Terrestrial Cable Licenses

11. Public Switched Telephone Network Operator Licenses

12. VoIP Service Provider Licenses

13. Nationwide Telecommunication Transmission Network Service Provider Licenses

14. National Internet Exchange Licenses

15. Internet Protocol Telephony Service Provider

16. Internet Protocol Telephony Service Provider

17. Vehicle Tracking Services

18. Internet Service Provider Central Zone Licenses

19. International Terrestrial Cable Licenses

20. Internet Service Provider Category A Licenses

21. Internet Service Provider Category B Licenses

22. Internet Service Provider Category C Licenses

23. Tower sharing License

24. VSAT Provider Licenses

25. VSAT Provider with HUB Licenses

26. Telecommunication Value Added Services (TVAS) Registration Certificate

27. Call Centre License

28. Call Center Registration Certificate, etc.

According to the BTRC’s requirements, the applicant may be required to deliver essential documentation and records as referred to in the software fee in the shape of a pay order/financial institution draft. Besides, the BRTC may inspect the site, installations, and equipment proposed by the applicant. After receiving the software, the BRTC must decide whether to accept or reject it.  Also, it must notify the applicant of its final decision within a certain time frame. The BTRC has the strength to disqualify the applicant from acquiring the license if-

  • The applicant is an insane character.
  • The applicant has been sentenced with the aid of using a courtroom docket for 2 (two) years or more, and 5 (five) years have now no longer elapsed because of his launch from such imprisonment.
  • The applicant has been declared bankrupt with the aid of using the courtroom docket and has now no longer been discharged from the legal responsibility of bankruptcy.
  • The applicant has been recognized or declared with the aid of using the Bangladesh Bank or with the aid of using the courtroom docket or the aid using a financial institution or economic organization as a defaulter loan of that financial institution or organization.
  • The applicant’s license has been canceled with the aid of using BRTC at any time over the past 5 (five) years.
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However, it is essential to keep in mind that you should renew the license when they expire. The BTRC must notify the licensee of the license’s expiry date, and the license holder must submit a software for renewal to the BTRC. Also, the software form needs to be given with a software fee with the help of utilizing the applicant inside the shape of a pay order or draft issued from any scheduled financial institution to BTRC. If BTRC approves renewal, it will be for a certain period.

There are other licenses to run the business. Such as incorporating a limited legal responsibility employer under the Registrar of Joint Stock of Companies (RJSC/Company House), obtaining a different license to run the business, obtaining VAT registration certificates and TIN (Tax identity number) from the Nation Board of Revenue (NBR), and so on.

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Legal Issues

The criminal zones in terms of telecom businesses in Bangladesh cover the Telecommunication Act of 2001, the Information and Communication Technology Act of 2006, and the Digital Security Act of 2018.

After the criminal company has been created to conduct a telecom business with the proper alternative license, VAT registration certificates, and TIN, it intends to ensure that separate employment agreements were executed with each worker, regardless of country. If there are foreign people in the groups following their set order, they must be employed following Bangladesh’s labor and immigration law rules. There is no differentiation in the application of labor laws for abroad and local staff.

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However, according to immigration law, every foreign worker needs to have a valid employment visa. They also need to have valid working permission.

Digital Security Act 2018

The government has passed the Digital Security Act 2018 to combat cybercrime and provide national cyber security in Bangladesh.

If a person conducts fraud using any virtual or digital media, that person’s interest is an offense under the terms of this Act. Besides, digital or electric fraud occurs when a person intentionally or unintentionally changes any statistics, deletes, adds new statistics, or creates distortion and lowers the fee of any computer program, computer system, computer community, virtual device, virtual system, virtual community, and so on, to gain an advantage for himself/herself or others, or to harm or mislead others.


Within Bangladesh’s legislative limits, the general tax charge is now 45%. Opening a TIN, Monthly Tax deduction declaration, Half Yearly Withholding Tax declaration, Yearly declaration associated with tax go-back submission of its personnel, and Yearly declaration associated with income distributed from the employer to its personnel are the nominal requirements for a restricted employer formed regionally. Quarterly advance tax deposition, yearly tax return filing, attending appeals/listening to consultations on behalf of the employer, monthly VAT returns, and so on. FMA may recommend and assist with all regulatory compliances, allowing the employer to work smoothly and without problems.

Where I Can Get a Telecom Business Notice in Bangladesh?

If you are planning to introduce a new telecom business in Bangladesh then you should look at the services of BDTender. It is a platform for tender notification services about the tender notices in Bangladesh. Along with that, these notifications keep you informed of any new details or announcements regarding government tenders and auctions.  Both governmental and non-governmental organizations around Bangladesh publish tender notices in publications, websites, or e-GP.


Bangladesh has been developing methods recently to support the telecommunications industry. The Bangladeshi government may soon encourage licenses for the 5G community. Also, Bangladesh is attempting to introduce new operators into the telecommunications sector with the help of foreign finance to create competition by offering internet services, domestic and international phone calls, etc. at low prices to the general public. Furthermore, the government’s efforts will enable cellular networks to be available throughout the nation. Additionally, increased internet usage will enable us to realize the benefits of “Vision 2020,” which we are all anxiously anticipating.