The 4 Best WordPress Plugins of All Time

If you are looking for the best wordpress plugins then you are in the right place. Here is the list of the best wordpress plugins that you should use on your blog to boost SEO, strengthen your security and know all aspects of your blog. Although creating good content is one factor, there are many wordpress plugins that perform different actions and add to your success. so let’s get started

Yoast SEO

Those users who are serious about SEO, Yoast SEO will do the work for them to achieve their goals. All they need to do is select a keyword and the plugin will optimize their page according to the specified keyword. Yoast offers many popular WordPress SEO plugin features. It gives you real-time page analytics to optimize your content, images, meta descriptions, titles, and keywords.

Yoast also checks the length of your sentences and paragraphs, whether you’re using enough transition words or subheadings, how often you use the passive voice, etc. Yoast tells Google whether or not to index a page or a set of pages as well.

muPlugins WordPress Blog

muPlugins WordPress Blog is one of the best blogs to get information about WordPress Plugins. It will provide you a comparison between which plugin is best for your WordPress website.


Wordfence Security is a WordPress security firewall and scanner that keeps your site safe from malicious hackers, spam, and other online threats. This plugin comes with a web application firewall (WAF) called tthread Defense Feed that helps prevent brute force attacks by ensuring you set stronger passwords and limit login attempts. It scans for malware and compares code, theme, and plugin files against logs in the repository to verify their integrity and report changes to you.

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Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 es un complemento que le permite crear formularios de contacto que facilitan a sus usuarios el envío de mensajes a su sitio. El complemento fue desarrollado por Takayuki Miyoshi y le permite crear múltiples formularios de contacto en el mismo sitio; también integra el filtrado de spam de Akismet y le permite personalizar el estilo y los campos que desea utilizar en el formulario. El complemento proporciona el envío de CAPTCHA y Ajax.

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