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In a school context, armed security guards can provide children, parents, teachers, and administration with real-world benefits and the peace of mind they want. In recent years, two of the most prominent threats to public safety have been bullying of a physical nature and gun violence. You can improve your school’s security by hiring certified experts who have received training to reduce the likelihood of children being subjected to violent acts.

The Primary Benefits that Come Along with Having Armed Security in Schools

The use of an armed school security guard comes with a wide variety of benefits, none of which should be overlooked by the institution. These five key reasons show why you should seriously consider increasing the safety measures at your school, and they are why I encourage you to do so.

1. An Increased Level of Vigilance All-Around

The advantage of having private law enforcement on-site at an educational institution is that they can maintain a vigilant watch over the institution’s students, teachers, and visitors. If there is violence or ongoing social unrest in the classrooms or hallways, guards and security cameras can assist in providing early warning to the administration. This support can do anything from putting an end to thievery to assisting a student experiencing depression.

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2. Violent Crime Response

In the event of a catastrophic situation, like as a shooting at a school, armed guards have the ability to disarm or incapacitate a gunman, which contributes to the prevention of loss of life as a result of the disaster.

The presence of armed security personnel is another factor that can assist in reducing the likelihood of violent crime. If a malicious actor is contemplating attacking a school and sees armed guards and security cameras, It can dissuade them from choosing such a well-protected venue.

3. A Safeguard Against Bullying

Although security guards cannot stop bullying entirely, they can serve as a barrier and a disincentive to those who would engage in such behavior. If there is a fight that breaks out, a security guard will be able to break it up safely. If a student is being bullied or feels threatened, a security guard can be a trustworthy adult for the child to talk to about the situation. It is beneficial if the youngster believes they have nowhere else to turn.

4. Assistance in Case of Emergencies Available Always

Armed school security guards offer additional benefits, one of which is support on call in the event of an emergency. If a student needs CPR or immediate medical attention, security officers may be the first people on the scene to assist. They also had the option of sounding the alarm so emergency medical personnel might be dispatched. In a crisis, the speed with which a security guard can respond can often mean the difference between life and death.

5. Controls at the Points of Entry and Exit

An additional layer of protection can be provided by having security guards check the identities of unknown people and maintenance workers before they enter or leave the building. They can also perform security checks on luggage and other potentially dangerous things that students bring into the building. These inspections can frequently prevent knives and firearms from entering school buildings and identify individuals who may pose threats.

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