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The 5 keys to finding the perfect cleaning aid

In the current scenario, there are many cleaning companies in the professional sector, but do we really know what are the key points to hire a cleaning aid Copenhagen that covers all our needs compared to another that is not adequate for our reality?

Companies today need skilled and qualified personnel that are capable of handling any cleaning task and can create a pleasant and appealing image to both their clients and employees.

The following are the top 5 criteria to look at when selecting a cleaning service:

1. Legality

It is very important that the legal factors when hiring a cleaning company for the business or home are a priority, since in addition to the ethical components, it may entail a subsidiary legal responsibility for the contracting party.

It is essential that the contracted company meets the following requirements:

  • Health and mutual work coverage
  • All workers with a legal contract and according to the Cleaning Agreement
  • Certificates of being up to date with tax obligations.

2. Guarantee

It’s crucial to pick a business that can promise top-notch service and effective outcomes. For reputable cleaning firms, client pleasure comes first. You must agree to make any service-related issues right.

You must also ensure that the products used are sufficient and appropriate in:

  • Quality
  • Quantity
  • Commitment to the environment

Clear definition of the tasks to be contracted

Before hiring a cleaning company, we must specify what service we need in order to choose a sector for the company:   comprehensive cleaning, windows, large surfaces, depending on the type of service we need, we must contact with one company or another to ensure the objectives to be met. Match needs with tasks.

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If our premises are small or an office, the cleaning needs and the disparity of services will be less than those of an industry, with warehouses, machinery, etc. where we will have to resort to a cleaning company that can solve all the various cleaning problems that arise.

If we are a local business that only operates in one city, we do not have to hire a company with national or international offices, since we are not going to use them.


The price is one of the aspects to which we give greater importance when choosing a cleaning service to hire, but in cleaning, as in everything else, we cannot think that it is not because it is the most cheap or the most expensive is going to be the best or the worst . The price of the cleaning service is relevant when making the decision, but it should not be the only one, it is more important to value professionalism, the quality of the service, and a guaranteed guarantee of results. What is cheap is expensive if it does not meet a minimum or simply what was contracted. And on other occasions a company can charge us more for services that we do not need.

Customer service and administration

Sometimes, we may not value the “after-sales service” enough, but on many occasions it is at this point where the difference between the different cleaning companies lies, and where a great cleaning service from another mediocre or bad. We must look at these essentials.

  • Telephone service with office staff and extensive hours
  • Troubleshooting
  • Clear, legal and identified invoices and receipts.
  • company certificates
  • Social responsibility
  • Skilled and professional workers.
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In summary, when hiring a cleaning company, we must assess the essential parameters that we have explained in this article, the global evaluation of each of them will make the relationship with the professional cleaning company positive for our business. Adapting to the needs of each moment and making our working life much more pleasant.