The 8 Best Social Media Marketing Companies of 2022

Currently, 4.62 billion people use social media platforms around the world, with 424 million new users coming online every year.


Social media is the most accessible platform to reach your target audience. It is a highly effective marketing channel for businesses in this ongoing pandemic.

Although 9 out of 10 consumers said that they buy things from a brand, they followed them on social media platforms.

To capitalize via social media, it’s an intelligent thought to allow the specialists to do their thing. 

There’s a significant distinction between checking what your pals are up to on Facebook and utilizing it to accomplish your business goals.

So, here is the list of the best social media marketing companies that may help you grow your business and get the best results for your business.

Top 8 Biggest Social Media Marketing Agencies

1. Viral nation

The viral nation is one of the best influencer marketing companies. They create ROI-driven campaigns across various, e.g., gaming and e-commerce, and all social media platforms.

They also have their own talent agency, which means they can source all manners of influencers, from brand ambassadors to nano-influencers up to celebrities.

They’ve worked with influential brands like Victoria’s Secret, Aston Martin, Baidu, and Furthermore, Match depicts their work together as “inventively motivating and compelling.” 

However, it’s not simply the prominent brands that believe they’re extraordinary. Viral Nation has a 4.8-star rating on average. 

Influencer marketing is still gigantic nowadays. If you need to get in on the activity, look at Viral Nation.

2. Pan up productions

Pan Up is a very cool, innovative, creative production organization. In the business space, they make a scope of social video campaigns. 

They work with different brands, from e-commerce stores to event venues.

Be that as it may, what’s truly noteworthy is the huge names they’ve created recordings for, like Netflix, Tinder, Square, Southwest, and even Apple and Amazon. 

To give you an example of the kind of clever stuff they do: For one of Netflix’s social campaigns, they co-made and recorded an Umbrella Academy-themed wedding spring-up event in New York City.

You can’t prevent the quality from getting Pan Up’s work, and if you have the spending plan for an expert creation, you ought to pull out all the stops.

3. Joseph studios

Joseph Studios have expertise in social media services that encourage organic growth.

They also strive to engage customers and participate in relevant communities to grow loyal followers by posting content on social media platforms.

The organization has accomplished outstanding outcomes for its tech, B2B, and B2C customers. Here’s a model from one of their case studies wherein they had the option to drive up impressions, engagement, and profile activities immensely.

They have 4.6 stars rating. It is what one customer needed to say, “The seller is adaptable and receptive to the continuing consequences of the engagement.

Engagement measurements have expanded every month. They are a transparent, solid group with a straightforward communication style.” 

In this way, assuming you’re hoping to take the natural course, Joseph Studios is a superb decision.

4. Sculpt

The people at Sculpt are specialists in online media advertising for B2B customers.

In that capacity, they focus on social media strategy and assist their clients in getting leads and customers from social media. 

The organization works with enormous and small brands across various B2B businesses, like SaaS, Finance, Healthcare, and Legal.

If their case studies are anything to pass by, Sculpt can accomplish noteworthy outcomes for their customers. 

Work with Sculpt if you’re in the B2B space and your guideline objective is lead acquiring.

5. Sociallyin

Sociallyin is a famous social media agency that offers various services, including social media strategy, production, and influencer marketing. 

But, where they genuinely sparkle is the community management.

Under this umbrella, Sociallyin offers customer support, social media monitoring, commitment, and information-driven analysis. 

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What makes Sociallyin different from other companies is that they offer multilingual social media to the management.

They work with brands in B2B and B2C spaces: astounding clients Toyota, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and TGI Fridays.

Sociallyin is an excellent decision if you’re hoping to support and grow a local area via online media.

6. Brafton

With Brafton, you know precisely what’s in store on account of their straightforward social media marketing packages.

You also have the choice to customize your package with add-ons.

These consist of one-of-a-kind contributions that you don’t see from a ton of organizations, for example, live Tweeting and custom Snapchat filters: 

It shows that Brafton is ready for social media trends. 

As a huge office, they can work with brands of fluctuating sizes across various businesses.

One customer in the instruction the executive’s space said,

“I preferred the quality and correspondence such a lot of that I significantly increased the measure of volume we were doing with them.”

With everything taken into account, Brafton is the correct decision if you need novel services that are on-trend and that you can’t discover somewhere else.

7. Neil Patel digital

At Neil Patel Digital – everyone who is in the field of digital marketing knows what they do the best.

Their co-founders and top-class marketing managers have mastered their skillsets. They have expertise in epic paid social media campaigns.

They use data-driven analysis, in-depth client research, and your unique business objectives to create campaigns that will boost your business.

They have worked with big brands across the globe on audience targeting, messaging, and creativity across multiple social platforms.

8. Social media 55

What makes Social Media 55 different is its specialized expertise in several niches, starting from real estate to skin products to plumbing.

With this information, they can make focused moves that are specific to each industry.

Social Media 55 offers a wide range of social media services, including social media management, paid ads, and influencer marketing, besides their top niche-specific services.

Primarily they work with small to medium-sized businesses to gain as much success as possible. They have remarkably positive ratings from their clients, 4.8 stars out of 5.

If you are looking for a social media strategy to gear up your business towards growth & success, specifically in your industry, choose Social Media 55.

Characteristics to make your company one of the best social media marketing company

The sheer number of ad companies and marketing companies out there these days is astounding. 

The sheer number of social media marketing companies and companies out there nowadays is astounding.

So, there is nothing new to know how to find out the great social media marketing companies in this sea of social media marketing companies.

Offer a Personalized Experience

  • Some companies and companies soak and repeat the same strategy and techniques for every client they work with.
  • A particular social media marketing strategy might work for one company but not for every other company.
  • Find out and work with an agency that delivers custom-based methods and techniques based on your targeted audience and with your objectives.

Build a team of experts

  • There are various social media marketing companies out there; things get messy if they all offer the same services.
  • What makes you different from others is that you have a team of experts who provides a diverse and broad range of services and never hesitate to think outside the box.
  • Customers always prefer those companies and agencies that offer a unique set of services and have teams of experts who excel at what they do.

Set Up result-oriented strategies

  • Results are the ultimate aim of any business. To get impressive results from social media campaigns, you need social media companies that you trust to help you achieve great success.
  • For example, at Neil Patel, all of their staff are highly trained in proven marketing strategies, which helped become a global thought leader.
  • Overall, it would be best if you get a team of credible experts that can meet your objectives.
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What clients expect from the social media marketing companies

When picking a Social media marketing agency, you need a good comprehension of how they will work with you to accomplish the results they guarantee.

Here are some essential steps and outcomes you should expect:


Trust is the key to progress. You read it right; customers will depend on the brands that have effectively built trust in the business.

The entirety of the well-known brands which have been in the market for some time currently is dependable. 

Individuals will perceive the brand more once they begin seeing the stuff over social media.

Try not to underestimate social media marketing in terms of brand voice and powers.

Utilizing social media for branding is the most encouraging and cheapest method.

Thorough audience research

One objective of social media marketing and advertising is to extend your reach to new followers. Nonetheless, this does exclude everyone.

It’s imperative to focus on the most pertinent users who will probably be keen on your specialty, who will, at last, become clients and surprisingly become brand evangelists.

Social media marketing companies discover the audience in their initial phase in making a unique online media system is to comprehend and find your crowd.

An incredible social media marketing agency will characterize and acquire a profound comprehension of your intended audience.

Examine competitors

The best social media marketing companies never ruled out competitors.

First, they identify your rivals. They examine the social media marketing campaigns of the opposition.

Discover what makes them valuable and work for them. Dissect the remarks, the answers, and the designs.

Top-notch content creation

There is a ton of commotion via social media. It is assessed that more than 90% of US organizations utilize social media for marketing.

Everything reduces to the content and campaigns that you make. The best social media marketing companies create compelling content that the target audience will find challenging to overlook it.

Content makers comprehend that they need to track down a sensitive harmony among quality and amount regarding content. 

As often as possible, you need to reliably distribute content to move to the highest point of web search; web search tools – and your crowd – will likewise ding you for low-quality substance.


Utilizing social media is a terrific method to share your brand mission and share stories.

Compelling stories can enormously affect your brand’s image. They can be honest or broad, relying upon what you think will be best.

Sharing stories of individuals who utilize your products or services.

If they give you incredible feedback, share it! It will spread the message that your product is powerful enough for somebody to provide you with precise feedback.

Uses Multiple Channels

Various socioeconomics utilizes distinctive social media channels. For example, millennials and Gen Z dig Instagram, while an assortment of old enough gatherings uses Facebook. 

Besides, users will associate with your brand in various manners on different platforms.

For example, they may look for client service or air their complaints on Twitter; however, they will utilize Instagram for shopping motivation.

The social media marketing companies you work with should have the ability across the entirety of the significant social media channels so they can help you to reach your particular audience where they hang out and engage them accordingly.

To summarize, what you ought to expect from an incredible social media marketing agency is comprehensive, excellent work.

Keep their audience up to date 

Social media is genuinely outstanding, and the simplest method of keeping your clients’ audience refreshed with their new products or future events.

If their business makes a gigantic declaration about other products or services, it will get on and get their audience up to date.

Monitoring and Evolving

Top social media marketing companies set aside the effort to praise the change.

After that monitoring and development are to be left. They monitor your brand to perceive how others consider your marketing endeavors.

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Attempt new things and set clear limits – yet consistently go outside of your normal range of familiarity to additionally draw in your audience.

Setup new trends 

With rising social media dependence, businesses like to find out what users are searching for.

Social media marketing companies can see and examine what users and brands are conversing continuously and precisely.

Instagram and Twitter show the moving hashtags worldwide, a sizable amount of data for businesses to rapidly make a viable marketing effort.

Increase in web traffic 

Increasing site traffic is another significant SEO advantage of social media marketing.

When you share valuable, critical thinking, and informative content over your social media platforms, you give your followers a solid motive to visit your site or blog to get more details or get your product or services online.

Rapid problem resolvent

Social media gives a chance to respond to feedback rapidly. Whether the result is positive or negative, you have the best approach to react in a few seconds.

A recent study has discovered that clients are bound to stay associated with those organizations that react to their queries in no time.

So, businesses expect their audience to handle precisely and correctly by their chosen social media marketing agency.

Effective budget management

Hiring the best social media marketing agency in Houston is cost-effective because you don’t have to train and manage your marketing team, which would otherwise be costly.

A social media marketing agency deals with all aspects of social media marketing with effective budget management, which your business needs to accomplish its goals.

Everything from strategy to campaign execution goes under the umbrella of the social media marketing team.

Your social media marketing agency can make unique marketing campaigns and integrate diverse marketing platforms.

Get all that you require from one service, and you can manage everything in one place.


Clayive, digital marketing agency Houston assumes that social media played a vital part in elevating digital marketing. You can say it is a free stage to acquire accomplishment. 

A social media marketing agency can save your time and exertion, leaving you relaxed and prepared to receive the marketing benefits.

You get masterwork from industry experts who understand what they’re doing and who continually stay up with the latest trends and information on the marketing business.

They will also hand you novel thoughts and fascinating bits of knowledge for your business.

In this, ongoing pandemic social media moves quickly. The businesses will go through this period of change and demographic shifts as well.

This means that the social media marketing strategy should be a living document that social media marketing companies review and adjust as per the client’s requirements.

Refer to it often to stay on track, but don’t be afraid to make changes better to reflect new goals, tools, or plans.

Social media ought to be a fundamental piece of your marketing plan. If you don’t have the opportunity, assets, or abilities to do it to yourself at that point, you will need to hire social media marketing agency. 

Various social media companies offer these sorts of services out there. However, there are approaches to separate the excellent product from waste. 

While analyzing social media marketing companies, clients hunt for solid experts that offer services according to their requirements and anticipate only the best in terms of planning, creation, and execution.

FAQs About Best Social Media Marketing Companies

What is the top social media platform in 2022?

Facebook is the top social media platform in 2022 with almost 3 billion active users this year. There are 3.96 billion social media users, which means that three out of four are active Facebook users.

Which company is best for social media marketing?

The following are the best social media marketing companies:

  1. Viral Nation
  2. Pan up productions
  3. Joseph studios
  4. Sculpt
  5. Sociallyin
  6. Brafton
  7. Neil Patel digital
  8. Social media 55
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