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Live Streaming has become a bigger market during the past years and with the emergence of COVID-19, the industries like esports and other companies have noticed the demand for live streams. All the best live stream companies have gathered their data and are working in this field. The video content can be understood better by reading about some of the best free live streaming platforms.


·       MIXHUBB

A sister company of Dreamcast, it specializes in live streaming events. It is a 3D virtual event platform that is easy to use and customizable. You can host webinars, online conferences, exhibitions, and online meetings with just one click.


Though live stream free is not an option in this, it is an American marketing and video production company based in Jacksonville, Florida. The specialties include sports production and it has a setup that allows that makes it a DIY live streaming platform. This setup allows for pre and post-match interviews and streaming along with the commentators and multiple camera angles.

Having worked with both high school and college sports teams, it has experienced a few years. The streaming services are also provided for spelling bees and Jacksonville Zoo. The limit to which this company can help is not given.

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A Danish live streaming company based in Copenhagen, it has experience working with webinars, live streaming on multiple platforms, and executing hybrid events. They have worked with hospitals that have helped in making a hybrid conference. Some seminars about Corona have also been conducted for which the clients rented.


Stada media is a British company based in Wakefield and also has an office in London. The live streams are conducted for corporate clients and are a very pre-adamant company about having a solid pre-production and preparation phase.

Being prepared is the key to having successful productions and eliminates a lot of uncertainties that could occur when live streaming starts. An event for many companies has been conducted before thus providing the experience.


A production company based in New York City, it provides webcasting and live streaming services from several locations around the United States. One of the specialties is live streaming fashion events. They are a popular choice during the NY Fashion week and have worked with brands like Amani Jeans, Ted Baker, and J.Crew.

Many live concerts and music events have also been covered by the company.

·       VARVID

Varvid is an American live streaming brand that is based in Bellingham Washington. They specialize in virtual and hybrid events but also do webcasting. The live streaming of the gaming industry has given them a lot of experience. These streams have consisted of commentators, multiple cameras, and pc-screen streaming.

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Previously the company has worked with brands like Nike, Reddit, Pandora, and Dungeons and Dragons. Working with all of these brands has made this company a trustworthy and reliable option.


Transcendent enterprise is a video production company based in New York City. They offer streams to their clients and have been in the business since 2011. The work ranges from concerts to webcasts and has recently produced a virtual event for the UN. The potential of adding virtual features to a live conference has been identified by them.

This includes having virtual panelists and industry experts join without having to travel halfway across the world.

·       5:00 FILMS AND MEDIA

An American production company based in Highland, Maryland it offers several types of live streams with an impressive setup. A live stream was done previously for a seminar for AEM and it included multiple camera angles and stellar sound. With the panelists being able to switch between the conversation, the event was a huge success.

They also live streamed the RoboSub finals. Robosub is a competition for autonomous underwater vehicles and the participants typically include engineering students. The event required multiple cameras including underwater ones.


Bonomotion is a video production company based in Miami, Florida providing lots of services. These include webcasting and live streaming services and they have a multi-platform setup allowing the streaming of content to every platform. They have plenty of experience covering a wide range of events and the areas of Miami.


It is a video production company based in New York with departments all over America. They do everything from political events to trade shows and offer the audience an opportunity to take part in many exciting events. Having experience working with companies like Google, Uber, and Wirecard it is a reputed company.

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The above list mentions the top companies that are dedicated to live stream. You can reach out to Mixhubb to help you with all your virtual event needs.

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