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The Complete List Of Gynecomastia Surgery Dos And Don’ts

gynecomastia surgery Dos and Don’ts

Introduction to gynecomastia surgery Dos and Don’ts

Gynecomastia surgery is common in men. It is a condition of enlargement of the glandular tissue in the male breasts. Thus, it is an effective and safe surgery for correcting enlarged male breasts to give a masculine chest appearance.

Moreover, the male Breast Reduction treatment also includes liposuction. The type of surgical choice depends on the skin shrinkage after surgery.

Male breast reduction procedure

Male breast reduction is a surgical procedure for men. In this surgery, the male breast tissue is reduced and reshaped. The purpose of this surgical procedure is to achieve a more masculine appearance. So, if you also suffer from male boobs and believe you are a candidate for male breast reduction surgery, consider these dos and don’ts before the procedure. 

The gynecomastia surgery Dos and Don’ts

As you start preparing for the gynecomastia surgery, there are some instructions you can take to make sure that procedure and recovery both go smoothly. As improper preparation to take care of yourself could result in complications during and after surgery. Thus, there are various Dos and Don’ts that you should know before you opt for gynecomastia surgery. Take these action steps to have the best surgical experience. 

The Dos before gynecomastia surgery:

Just like any other plastic surgery, It requires a considerable amount of preparation. Because an improper preparation may cause, complications such as post-op swelling or scar tissue and may also influence the recovery from bruising and pain. So, for gynecomastia, treatment preparation is the key to positive results.

1: Do Lab tests

Before the surgery, do all lab tests so that it is identified if any problem or complication is found in tests that may complicate the surgery. Such as mammograms, electrocardiogram (EKG) and other medical tests.

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2: Inform the doctor about medications 

You must inform your doctor about your medications because certain medications can cause issues. So, notify the surgeon of your medicines, including insulin, vitamins, drugs, and other supplements.

3: Take the surgeon’s prescribed medicines

In the lead-up to gynecomastia surgery, the surgeon will prescribe certain medicines. It will help control any chronic conditions before and after surgery.

4: Shave your chest and arms

The male breast reduction surgery incisions are made in the chest and arm areas. Therefore, it is best to shave these areas because the hair might obstruct gynecomastia surgery. Moreover, shaving will eliminate any bacteria stuck in the hair. Because later, the same bacteria may cause contamination in the area for surgery.

5: Wear comfortable clothes

Because you may feel sensitive, therefore comfortable clothing is a must. Keep yourself comfortable in light clothes, which will help you be at ease. And it will also be helpful afterward while your body is recovering.

The Don’ts before gynecomastia surgery

Here are the important detailed Don’ts before gynecomastia surgery to avoid future complications.

1: Keep your stomach empty.

When going for surgery, avoid eating any food or drinking any liquid, as it can result in complications when anaesthesia is applied because a full stomach increases the chances of vomiting. In some cases, it can go into the lungs and affect breathing. So, stop eating or drinking after midnight on the day before your surgery. 

2: Avoid deodorant, lotion, or spray before surgery.

Before the surgery, bathe or shower and clean your body correctly. And after taking a shower, don’t use any deodorant, lotion, or spray. Because such products may leave chemical residue on the skin, creating complications, creams can make imaging equipment challenging.

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3: Don’t take Aspirin before surgery

Avoid taking medications when you are going for surgery. Especially Aspirin and its related products and medicines. As these medications contain blood thinners that affect the blood clotting process. This increases the chance of having skin bruises and bleeding. Vitamin E, herbal supplements, and garlic are other medicines that can thin the blood.  

4: Don’t smoke

Don’t smoke before surgery as it will develop respiratory problems like difficulty in breathing and pneumonia. The body will heal slowly, worsening scars and leading to possible infections. So, surgeons will ask you to stop smoking for at least two weeks before surgery because nicotine affects healing. Even vaping is not allowed because the cartridge contains nicotine that can harm healing. 

5: Take off from work

When you schedule surgery, you should take a leave from your usual work. How many days depends on the type of work you do. If you work a sedentary job, sitting at a desk all day, you can return to work in a few days. 

Choose a qualified and experienced gynecomastia surgeon.

You should find a qualified gynecomastia surgeon when you want the best possible results. The surgeon you choose should have a portfolio of before and after gynecomastia surgeries and extensive work experience. You can quickly determine their experience by searching on Google. After gathering all the necessary information check for the cost of gynecomastia surgery in Pakistan. Please make sure the amount you are paying is worth it. Then comes the equally important consultation stage. The surgeon should be friendly so you feel comfortable with him. You can sit with the doctor, ask him relevant questions, and be observant when the doctor is speaking or giving suggestions. You can determine your comfort level on the day your appointment is scheduled.

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Gynecomastia treatment at cosmeticoplasty

Cosmeticoplasty is the best place for gynecomastia surgery in Lahore. It is the best choice for all your cosmetic surgeries. So, no need to stress about the upcoming gynecomastia treatment, as Dr Mustehsan Bashir at Cosmeticoplasty will provide detailed, personalized instructions. Thus, you will know exactly what to do and what not to do before the gynecomastia surgery. Contact them today to make your appointment.

Precise Dos and Don’ts of the gynecomastia surgery

  • Avoid scratching the wound.
  • Do not smoke while recovering.
  • Apply cold compresses to lessen pain.
  • Dress comfortably in a cotton front open top with buttons. 
  • Take vitamins and mineral supplements.
  • Sleep more
  • Do all required diagnostic exams and lab tests.
  • Stop smoking two weeks before the procedure.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption a week before surgery.
  • Stop taking Aspirin to avoid the risk of excessive blood loss.
  • Keep your body hydrated, drink water and take a light but healthy diet.
  • Take rest, as it will take your body time to heal.
  • Avoid tough activities or movements, like exercise, as they can affect your stitches and impair your recovery.
  • Change your bandages and dressings to prevent infection.

To Conclude

Gynecomastia surgery is an excellent choice to enjoy permanent results, gain confidence and get the best chest contours. It is the best choice if you are experiencing physical discomfort because of your breasts. Moreover, you should have good general health. Therefore, choose gynecomastia surgery if you have a positive attitude and realistic expectations. The surgery will help you in getting rid of enlarged male breasts.

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