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The Cost Of A Home Security Camera System

home security camera
home security camera

In recent years, home security cameras have undergone a serious transformation. Once marked with complicated installation, bulky equipment, and costly monitoring, home security cams have been bolstered by many technology advancements, including cam sensors and Wi-Fi. Therefore, if you want to know the cost of a home security camera system, you will be surprised by this simple answer.

These days, installing security cams in your home is easy and affordable. The cameras help monitor your loved ones, property, yard, and pets. Despite this, it can still be hard to determine what to spend on these cameras. Prices can range even within a similar brand; hence knowing the right home security camera price can be confusing. Below is a simple guide on the cost of security cameras.

Things That Affect the Price of Home Security Cameras

Let us look at the things that can affect the cost of a home camera system.

The Number of Cameras

Many homes need security cameras in vital rooms like living rooms, kitchens, hallways, and landings and cover the entry and exit points. If you have a car garage, consider having one cam that covers the entire place.

If one camera system fails to cover the entire place, a swivel camera that rotates will monitor the entire place. The number of cams will affect the home security camera price.

Footage Storage

You will need a storage space to keep your video footage. For instance, you can go for the standard memory card used in digital cameras since they are affordable. Get a camera that records directly to the memory card.

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Some cams feature communication systems to allow you to talk to occupants in the house while you are away. Outside cams should be resistant to debris or dust and waterproof. They should operate in freezing or hot temperatures.

Features of Camera

A perfect home camera will have a motion and audio detection unit that sends alerts when audio or movement is detected.

A good home security camera unit will utilize a monitoring app that runs on android, PC, or iOS. The camera should generate quality HD videos with over 1280 by 720 definitions to ensure clear images.

The Cost of a Home Security Camera

You can buy an indoor camera with all the highlighted features for $46. External cameras are costly as they must be more rugged and robust than interior ones. A high-quality external camera can cost up to $65.

If you want many cameras, try to get deals when purchasing a package of many cameras that offers you a discount on the cost of separate cameras.

Installation Costs

The installation cost of a home security camera varies based on the home setup. A home security installation kit contains everything you need to install the unit. You can hire an expert or install it yourself.

If you opt for wireless security cameras, you will not have to pay for the installation or connecting the camera to your home. External cameras might require an extra power socket installed. 

A survey will be conducted to know the accurate installation cost of outdoor cameras. An installation firm will come to your house to evaluate the project and give you an estimate. A home security camera for 4-camera systems generally costs somewhere around $200. Twenty-four hours is all it takes to install the security cameras reducing whatever disruption in your life.

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The cost of installing a security camera is generally low if you do it yourself. You might need some power extension leads and raw plugs to fix the security system to the ceilings and walls. Since you own a tablet, computer, or smartphone, you can install the software for free.

Ensuring enough security cameras to cover your home is important as it offers you peace of mind. It’s better to save money by installing a couple of cameras than you need. Over recent years, prices have reduced, such that the cost of buying and installing home security cameras is lower. 

Property owners who install cameras find the expenses worth it for the peace of mind as they know that their loved ones, property, and pets are safe. Visible security cameras will deter intruders and help keep the home safe.

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