The Friend Zone is a Myth: Why you’re Not Stuck and How to Get Out

No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to win over the person you like, despite your best efforts. You ask her out, she turns you down; you tell her how much you like her, she dismisses it with a joke; you send her gifts and thoughtful notes, she responds but keeps the conversation light and superficial.

What Is The Friend Zone?

The friend zone isn’t real. It’s just an idea that you are stuck in one place with somebody else when you want something more. The truth is, people get out of the friend zone all the time because they change their mind about what they want from the relationship or because they find somebody else who wants them for more than friendship. And if you’re interested in getting someone out of your head, try sending them some love texts instead! Many people think that wooinfo is an unofficial biography site.

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How to Be a Good Friend

Being a good friend means not only being there for the big moments, but also for the small ones. One of the best ways to be there for someone is by sending them love texts. Sending these kinds of messages can have a positive effect on your friendship because they show that you care about each other. Some ideas of love text messages include I hope you have an amazing day, or you are an angel.

What NOT To Do When Wanting a Relationship with Someone

  • Don’t get jealous when they hang out with friends without you.
  • Don’t be overly nice or try to bribe them into liking you.
  • Don’t stop hanging out with your friends because you want the person you like to notice that you have other friends.
  • Don’t give up after one or two rejections.
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3 Ways to Get Out Of the Friend Zone

  • Be Yourself. It’s the easiest way to be honest with your intentions, make it clear that you’re interested in more than friendship, and get out of the friend zone.
  • Give them space. When someone is giving off vibes that they aren’t interested in anything more than being friends, give them space by backing off from love texts or calling them so often. This gives them room to think about their feelings for you and might also help them realize how much they want to be with you too!
  • Just ask them out on a date. And if all else fails, just ask the person on a date. If they say no, then you know where things stand and can move on (unless you have strong feelings for this person).

Why She Doesn’t Like You Back

You may be thinking that the friend zone exists because you haven’t been able to make your feelings clear, but it’s more likely that she just isn’t attracted. This can happen for many reasons. Maybe you seem too immature for her tastes, or maybe she’s already in a relationship with someone else. There are plenty of scenarios where one person can feel drawn to another without them feeling the same way back, so don’t take it personally if you find yourself stuck in the friend zone.

Handling Her Rejection

If she rejects you, don’t take it personally. Maybe she’s not into you, maybe she’s already in another relationship. Maybe she just got out of one and doesn’t want anything to do with relationships right now. Or maybe your timing was just off. Whatever the reason, don’t give up hope. There are plenty more fish in the sea!

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