The Goechala Trip, a 9-day trek in Sikkim.


Sikkim is renowned for its natural beauty, magnificent landscapes, adventure sports, food, and culture. Sikkim offers many mesmerizing places for one to visit. Goechala Trek is among the most thrilling and mesmerizing trekking journeys in Sikkim. Goechala Trek offers varying trekking trails which become quite challenging at times and a lengthy distance of 90 km to cover. Along the way, you will experience the beauty of and the magnificence of the great Himalayan mountains and the varying trails. This is a trekking journey that only experienced trekkers should opt for, as it challenges your perseverance, endurance, and stamina. You can also visit rupin pass trek.

About the 9-day itinerary for Goechala Trek 

The nearest airport is Bagdogra. Goechala Trek starts from Yuksom which lies in West Sikkim. The trekking duration is 9 days. The trekking trail is from moderate to difficult. Yuksom is about 150 km away from Bagdogra airport. 

Let’s have a look at the 9-day itinerary for Goechala Trek.

Day 1: Yuksom to Sachen

Day 2: Sachen to Tshoka via Bhakim

Day 3 :Tshoka to Dzongri

Day 4: Dzongri

Day 5: Dzongri to Thansing

Day 6:Thansing to Lamuney

Day 7:Journey to Goechala and back to Thansing

Day 8:Thansing to Tshoka

Day 9:Tshoka to Yuksom.

Day 1: Yuksom to Sachen

Your trekking journey begins with your arrival in Yuksom. Once you arrive in Yuksom check in at your hotel and take a good rest.

Get up early in the morning and have a delicious breakfast to boost your energy. After having breakfast, meet up with the trek guide staff. Before actually beginning your trekking journey you can strip around the lanes of Yuksom. You will be stopping at the Yuksom check post and Kangchenjunga interpretation center before starting the journey towards Sachen, the first campsite on the trek.

You can take a look at the beautiful pictures of Kanchenjunga National Park at the interpretation center which is managed by the forest department. The trekking trail passes through a village and runs parallel to a beautiful valley leading to the entrance gate of Kanchenjunga National Park right after crossing the Pha Khola Bridge. Enjoy a pleasant walk through the humid first accompanied by the Prek Chu river with a gradual increase in altitude.

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The camping area in Sachen is embraced by a beautiful dense forest that hides the view of the Himalayan mountains. Away from the city, this is the best place for star gazing. 

Day 2: Sachen to Tshoka via Bhakim

Get up early and witness the golden sunrise. Have a good breakfast and head towards your further trekking journey for Tshoka. The trail starts to get steeper as you descend toward the bridge to cross the river and then climb up to Bhakim. Bhakim offers beautiful and spectacular views of the entire valley. This place is surrounded by beautiful Rhododendron trees.

Tshoka is a small settlement of Tibetan refugees. This beautiful place has a few rest houses where you can stop by for a short stay. In the evening, you can visit the monastery alongside a beautiful pond and enjoy the evening vibes after a long day trekking journey. You can also get a beautiful view of mount Pandim from Tshoka. At night enjoy some fun games and a fun chat with all your fellow mates. 

 Day 3: Tshoka to Dzongri

Trek from Tshoka to Dzongri will be one of the longest trekking journey. Your day will begin early and your target will be to reach Dzongri before the afternoon to avoid the bad weather. Along the journey, the trail will gradually ascend towards the rhododendron forest and become a bit challenging. The forest gets denser as you continue further. 

After crossing the dense forest you will be headed to a flat-ground place called Phedang. From Phedang the trekking trail starts to get steeper and as the altitude gets higher and higher it will be difficult for you to breathe due to the altitude and the cold winds. Dzongri will be your staying camp for the next two days. This will be the most challenging part of your trekking journey as the altitude gain is 1000 meters. Dzongri has a big trekker’s hut which has a common area for all the trekkers to take rest, play games, and have meals. Many trekkers stay an extra night in Dzongri to acclimatize well before moving further toward Goechala.

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Day 4: Dzongri

Get up early most probably midnight and hike up to Dzongri for acclimatization. As you hike up in the dark, you will be able to witness the first golden rays of the sun glowing up the sky. You can get 180-degree views of the entire Kabru range. You will then spend the rest of the day resting and acclimatizing to prepare yourself for the further trekking journey.

Day 5: Dzongri to Thansing

After spending two days at Dzongri you will be heading toward Goechala pass. The further trail covers colorful meadows and heads towards your next campsite at Thansing. The trail will enter a beautiful rhododendron forest and you will be able to spot beautiful Himalayan birds along the way through the forest. 

You will be accompanied by the pretty river Prek Chu. After crossing a small bridge the trail will open to a flat area and then gradually and at the end of a steep climb comes Thansing. Surrounded by hills, Thansing is a huge open camping ground. From here you will be able to experience the grandeur of the mighty Pandim and Kangchenjunga. At night enjoy stargazing with the soft moonlight and the snowy peaks of Pandim and Tenzing Khang.

Day 6: Thansing to Lamuney

On this day, you will be traversing through the colorful meadows. You will be staying at the Lamuney campsite and before lunch spends some time in the meadows experiencing the greatness of mount Kangchenjunga. Sleep early as you will be leaving around 3:00 am to make your way to Goechala viewpoint1 and catch the first rays of the golden sun hitting the snowy peaks of the Kangchenjunga range.

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Day 7: Journey to Goechala and back to Thansing.

The trekking journey to Goechala viewpoint 1 will be challenging due to the high altitude and low temperature. As you head toward the glacier the trail will become steeper and rocky. The views from Goechala are spectacular and breathtaking. Feel the amusement of standing face-to-face with the third-highest mountain in the world. The sunrise over the  Kangchenjunga Range is splendid.

While descending back, the trail will take you to a beautiful alpine lake, Samiti lake. The mesmerizing views of the surrounding hills and sunlight reflecting on the crystal clear waters of the lake will put you in awe. After enjoying the beauty of the lake, continue your further journey to Thansing.

Day 8: Thansing to Tshoka

You will be taking a direct trail by passing Dzongro and then crossing the rhododendron forest to reach Tshoka. Enjoy your last camping night before heading back to civilization. Have a delicious dinner and enjoy the joy of your successful trip. 

Day 9: Tshoka to Yuksom.

Wake up early and witness the golden sunrise and get ready to start your journey from Tshoka to Yuksom. Due to the descent, you will be easily able to hike down to Sachen. On reaching Yuksom check in at your hotel and enjoy the rest of the day and take a good rest.

The next morning pack all your luggage and descend toward your hometown with loads of sweet and thrilling memories. 


Goechala trek is a mesmerizing and thrilling journey. You will take back lifetime memories along with you after your trekking journey. The varying trails and the mesmerizing surroundings make the trekking journey worthwhile.



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