The Handy Guide To Rubber Chippings

The Handy Guide to Rubber Chippings

The Handy Guide to Rubber Chippings
The Handy Guide to Rubber Chippings

Rubber chippings, you would possibly have seen them in playgrounds, gardens, or even some school grounds. They’re pretty top notch, now not just for their bouncy cause but for a whole heap of reasons. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of what rubber chippings are all about.

What on Earth are Rubber Chippings?

In simple phrases, rubber chippings are made from recycled tyres. The tyres which have journeyed miles on the street find a second life as protective, spongy layers on playgrounds or as ornamental, long lasting mulch in gardens. They are available in a variety of colours, making them functional while being amusing to look at.

Why Are They So Popular?

Eco-friendly: First off, using recycled tyres for chippings is an amazing way to lessen waste. It’s like giving those vintage tyres a new rent on life rather than throwing them in a landfill.

Safety First: For playgrounds, the sponginess of rubber chippings provides a softer landing, reducing the risk of injuries from falls. That’s a huge alleviation for parents and caretakers!

Low Maintenance: In gardens, they’re a gardener’s dream due to the fact they don’t break down as easily as natural mulches, which means you don’t need to replace them each season. Plus, they’re very good at keeping pesky weeds at bay.

Versatility: From brightening up your lawn paths to supplying a secure floor for kid’s play areas, rubber chippings can do it all. They’re additionally visible in horse arenas, imparting a gentle, durable surface for our hoofed friends.

Things to Consider

While there are hundreds of advantages, there are some things to bear in mind when you plan to choose them. Since they do not get composed, they may not provide vitamins for your soil like organic mulch does. Also, in very warm weather, they could heat up a piece greater than other substances, so just keep an eye on the kids walking without shoes in the summer season.

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How to Use Them

Using rubber chippings is a piece of cake. If you’re planning to use them in the lawn, put them round your plants. For playgrounds, make sure there’s enough intensity that offers cushioning for falls (specialists often advocate as a minimum 10cm).

Rubber chippings are a smart, eco-friendly option for outdoor spaces and making play areas safer. They tick quite a few boxes – durable, low maintenance, and environment friendly. So, whether you are an inexperienced gardening enthusiast or looking to make your playground a more secure, rubber chippings may be simply what you’re after. Contact us for more information on equestrian rubber chippings

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